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Hundred fifty thousand dollars for the entire year for treatments and visits. So it's really it's it's really all about educating yourself doing your thorough research in just and just going into it with the right reasons, you know, that that willpower that is going to be you know, what what pushes people you have to have that intrinsic motivation. You know? Yeah. You did a bunch of things there. And that that one thing that you said that if you cannot pronounce what's on your food label, you know, I've been hearing that for the past few years now, and it's completely true. We've I have my husband now. And when I first met him, I was an average Cuban girl, and that as you can imagine being Caribbean. We eat everything we eat from pork beef Turkey. I mean, anything anything, you know. And that's how I was raised. And I thought that was a fine way to eat. And when I met my my now husband he had a complete different way of eating. He kind of opened my eyes to everything that that I was eating every day. You know, eating pork every day. Let alone eating all these things with high fructose corn syrup and things like that that you really realize because you're brought up on it. So once you have your eyes open, and you're like, wow. Like, really, and you start tasting things that don't necessarily have all those. Extra poisonous additives. It tastes different you feel better. And it and it's really true. It's just a matter of being disciplined with it. And that's something that is hard to discipline only because it's not acceptable everywhere. And for you to successful in that lifestyle, as as you're you're pretty aware that you have to someone takes those foods along with you. It's not necessary that you can walk into a restaurant and have that healthy meal there waiting for you. So it takes discipline, and it takes research like you said to to be successful in that lifestyle. But it's not impossible. And like you said it's very important for or your body's and for future. All of that being said, we have so much to talk about I wanna kind of geared toward your becoming an author and what fill up inside with wanting to write children's books. Now, what does that all about? Yeah. So it's kinda something that I've always kept in the back of mind that I wanted to do especially since I know like I said what the the way that I feel and through my mind watching my mother, go through all these things, and you know, having no one to fully explain them to me. And I believe a lot of times parents and adults kind of tiptoe around serious matters when it comes to children, and that was definitely the case with me, you know, everything was kept on a on a need to know basis. So I spend a lot of my life confused. Just not really understanding. You know, I could tell anybody. Oh, yes. My mom died from breast cancer. But I couldn't tell you any more than that. I do know any more than that, you know. And and it it left me, you know, scrambling trying to fill in the pieces, and I just remember that that wasn't a good feeling at all. You know? And and I it came to a point where you know, I would kind of isolated myself, and and just feel as though nobody understood like I had nobody to talk to in certain situations. So in knowing all of that and knowing be issues now, you know that are ever so prevalent with with mental health. I mean, that's this has to be Bossard at a at a young age and in learning how to deal with traumatic situations in the motion that can linger or thin from those..

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