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After Tracy's family formed, the police of her disappearance two detectives was sent to track last known movements, and they were quickly led to the skinny dog public house and the man Tracy was with. The often noon Friday, April twenty fourth two thousand and fifteen to police officers entered Christopher maze. Home in Andrews court on record straight. They knew Tracy had been in the skinny dog. So contacted staff at the public housing spoke with Rebecca Williams who work there. She passed on Christopher maze. Mobile phone number you'd been spotted with Tracy would foot on the night. She had gone missing. And is flat was a five minute walk from the pub at I may was vase if but eventually relented and told police his address. When officers arrived, he explained that the last time he saw, Tracy. She was angry after he made advances to her under a bridge near the pump. And she told them to piss off. He seemed to be acting uneasy went on string the questions posed to his hands trembled, and his voice Shukan broke. The two officers completed a search of the flat. And we were informed by Christopher that. There was nothing in the bathroom. One of the officers remarked. They could smell gone off milk cats eerie. When they pulled back the shower curtain, what they found would be later described as being from a horror film. Christopher main was remanded in custody will the investigation was ongoing. Police have confirmed that a person's body has been discovered at a frat in Ricard street, which is in the Greig area of pointer preve-, they say a fifty year old man has been arrested in connection with the death and is currently in police custody. Friends teams are now trying to publish how and why she came to be found here as part of the investigation. Police teams are also sitting in number of locations, including the local rugby club. Tracy's family are being supported by specially trained officers as the investigation into her death continues. Joyce castle. Local councillor was interviewed and said it shook in knows these things are horrible for residents. When these awful things happen. People shouldn't live in fear, these sorts of things ralian to us. When asked about her daughter, and how she was coping trace his mother would like to say, Tracy led a simple life, which revolved around her family. She was happy doing her crosswords and wouldn't have heard of fly. Mrs so much a wake up in the morning. And the first thing I think of is Tracy every day. I just get boy, I am surviving. Family friends and neighbors spoke about how shock they were concern as it's families Littler is also. You know, it's quite close community today. I'm so it's it's quite a shock to have it here on your doorstep, mostly Noah sister. But. Schalken really? A neighbor of Christopher Mayes was interviewed. She referred to him as Chris and said, he kept himself tuned, self informed. Her neighbor had been arrested for murder. She said I would be shocked if he is done anything. He didn't seem back kind of man. After Christopher Maher was arrested. Police will give an extra thirty six hours to question him. He refused to answer. Detectives I ne- repeating the initial statement he gave to officers that is flat. Night to that day. The police held a press conference detective superintendant Paul Hurley appeal to anyone that had seen Tracy in the skinny dog or heard anything suspicious in the days leading up to her disappearance. The tragic events surrounding the death of Trixie Woodford. Forty seven lady from the with valley area has had a profound impact upon her family on the wider community. Especially when you consider consider the harrowing circumstances surrounding this death. Trixie was law seen at twelve forty five by her family on Tuesday, the twenty-first April when she left home in the valley area, we know from inquires that we've made that about eleven pm on Tuesday, the twenty first of April choosing the skinny dog public house in Pontypridd. She was in company with a male. We know from enquiries that we've made that she left the premises shortly after eleven pm as part of an ongoing investigation. Officers attended Andrews court at Ricard street in Pontiac pref-. It was here tragically that we are dentist by the dismembered body body of Trixie Woodford. At that address. We arrested a fifty year old man on suspicion of murder who is currently in custody. Appealing for anyone who may have information in relation to this investigation to come forward. There are well established communities in the South Wales. Valleys, align. No, those communities will rally round support, Tracy woods family and support our investigation appealing for anyone who may have information that were in the skinny dog public house between nine PM and eleven PM on shoes the twenty first of April, the may have seen Tracy in company with a male person. Or if you live or are or were in the vicinity of Ricard's street in Pontypridd around about eleven pm on the twenty first of April, and may have heard or seen something that you thought was suspicious to contact. Support

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