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No other country does this to its communities where people talk to latino activists and leaders community members who are afraid now sick americans or muslim americans. We're terrified. We see plots being uncovered this past weekend of white supremacist go into synagogues and caused more mayhem and murder. What what is it going to take in this country for us to do. The common sense things that we know will save us. This is an issue of freedom and liberty the culture of our country. The toxin fear is taking over because because of the inaction of leaders like donald trump who ultimately are responsible. He is responsible for this rise of of terrorist kate nor country leaders take responsibility. His language is contributing to the problem as opposed to him taking responsibility to stop it. I will be the president who lives in the neighborhood. Put were these shootings happened to who had shahad smith murdered on my block. There's so many of us that live in communities like this every single day where we worry just just about our children going to school and so i'm running for president and will be the president that takes a fight to the n._r._a. And the gun lobby like they've never seen before and brings an end to to this terror in our communities and this weakness in our country where we're not showing the strength that we really have to protect our children our communities our families and our country senator booker. I just want to take you back to mother manual church for a moment because i want you to talk about what it feels like what it felt like for you to be there and it's not just has to church. It's the scene of one of our worst. Mass murders are completely racially motivated mass murderer and it's a place where we know donald trump is never we're going to visit. It's it's the kind of place we know. Most republican candidates frost never visit your neighborhood is a place most republican candidates for office will never visit what are they being missing by never setting foot in mother emmanuel church never setting foot in your neighborhood. We're a nation that there used to be a time..

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