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Tony Jordan with Valentine in the morning and what a 43 my damn Hollywood headlines. Go. The Globe nominations were just announced. The show is going to air live on February 28th on NBC. They're gonna be hosted by Tina Fey, who will be in New York and then Amy Poehler in Beverly Hills and with some of the nominations, best television, serious musical or comedy. The flight attendant is nominated from HBO. Max the Great On Who, Lou that show we Love about the creek. Is not always falls heavily in Paris and Ted Lasso, which I know Kevin and value guys love that show and the late Chadwick Boseman is nominated for best actor in a motion picture drama for his role in My Rainey's Black bottom, which is now on Netflix and are in a Grand Day is here to save the world. She is now a superhero in a new comic book created for her new fragrance called R. E. M. And This comic is available on Lee is part of a limited edition R E M perfume set. It's being sold through Ulta. I'm Jill. The Hollywood headlines. Kate is a 52. It's one of 43 My fam. This is Valentine in the morning. Thank you for listening to our show this morning. Appreciate that If you ever want to reach out, Say hi. Feel free. I'm here in the studio. Valentine. Jill. Is that her house? Yes. Good morning, everybody. Kevin said his house Hi there. Good morning, Brian. Our producers behind 2 Ft. Of plexiglass. Yes, sir. And answer the phone lines from her mom's kitchen table. Got technology's amazing, right? Answer the phones were Mom's kitchen table is Valerie Hernandez with a shocking, shocking announcement. No no interviews today. No intimates. Coffee cake? No. In Timmins, Raspberry struggle, Nothing. Nothing. What happened? I don't know. I guess she's having old Miller seven. Stopped having intimate because we're talking about it so much in the air. I know everything's out of whack every single day for the pandemic. Well, she's answering phones for my mom's house had been having like an intimate It's coffee cake or something together. Her mama's sister with a cup of coffee. Listen to her daughter. Answer. The phone lines is the craziest thing. But today, apparently so.

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