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For many years. I've been watching him on one of the networks. It's not exactly Trump at I guess they paid them a lot of money over the years. John's been a loser for long time. We know that he was disbarred. And he went to prison other than that, he's doing a great. Yes. Somebody somebody called into the, the Newsmax show before me today. And they said, why doesn't President Trump just by CNN and put them out of business? Now. If the president came out and announced he was purchasing CNN. Oh, god. Would be a nightmare. That would be a huge nightmare. Joe Biden back in one thousand nine hundred seventy four this is absolutely remarkable. Former vice president, Joe Biden told a journalist in nineteen seventy four that quote, cruddy politicians like himself, could quote take away the first amendment if they wanted to. The current twenty twenty democrat front runner made the comments to washing Tony, and magazine, well being interviewed for a profile published in June of seventy four Biden, who is then only thirty one years old. So he was he originally came to regret the interview as penchant for gaffes and insensitive remarks traits defining later portions of his career heavily colored the piece at the time. However, Biden appeared eager to discuss his life in the nation as the youngest Senator there. I'm proud to be a politician. He said. Told kitty Kelley was writing for the Washingtonian magazine, who authored the profile. There's no other walk of life, which can do more good for mankind than politics. It influences everything that happens to the American people Biden proceeded, according to Kelly to quote, lean over his desk and shake his finger at me. While explaining that elected officials like himself had the power to quote takeaway constitutionally protected rights, if they saw fit quote, and whether you like it or not young lady, he said us credit politicians can take away the first amendment of yours, if we want to. Biden's remarks to the Washingtonian magazine mirror, those that he made an address to the city club of Cleveland, Ohio, in may of seventy three although the speech initially drew notice for comments Biden made likely to be offensive to women and his use of racially insensitive, language notably when he lectured about what was quote, good for the negro. It was also it also provided insight into his views on power politics. So there you have it. Joe Biden saying some pretty. Pretty funky things. Eight hundred seven sixty K F, and B. It's the Brentwood Erbil show, AM seven sixty talk and breaking news, Jim Sharpe. That's got the headlines. A guilty verdict in the Kellen Winslow the second rape trial up in vista. The jury is found the former NFL player guilty on one count of forcible rape one count of indecent exposure, and one count of lewd conduct. They also found Winslow not guilty to an additional count of lewd conduct. Police say speed was not a factor in an incident over the weekend that left a woman dead witnesses say, the victim sprinted out onto west Washington street mid block into the path of to San Diego. Police squad cars that were on their way to a burglary scene and just three new cases of the flu among migrants stain at a bankers hill shelter,.

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