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Know a lot of stuff. The defense also called a man named garland lay them who used to work at the warehouse. Remember that surveillance video that the defense said the prosecution held back from them during the first trial. Well now is their chance to show it to the jury. The video showed a man whose identity was never confirmed walking through the warehouse. Parking lot about two hours before the murder lay them was asked if anyone had ever asked if he could identify the man and he said no. But it's the first time he has ever seen it. A hearing specialist was also called to the stand according to w k r c. He testified that he administered a hearing test to david's wife and that she had moderate to severe hearing loss in her left ear and profound hearing loss in her right ear. As you'll recall. David told detectives that she may not have heard their question correctly. When asked if david had come home that morning and as for a tape gun being the possible murder weapon. The defense called dr richard hot a bio mechanics engineer and professor to dispute that. Dr houghton said that in his opinion he didn't think the tape gun could have caused michelle's injuries that it was well below the amount of force needed to kill someone like that in her closing arguments. David's attorney diana denison said michelle deserves to have the right killer prosecuted and that. It's not david dooley. She said there's a mountain of evidence in the case but it doesn't connect him to the murder. She also pointed out that the force that was used to kill michelle suggested the killer was in a rage instead she said it could have been another warehouse worker or dan mockby could have given someone access to the building and then hired that person to kill her. It would be a rage so great to have bludgeoned this woman to death. And they want you to believe it's over time card. She asked when it was his turn. Prosecutor heck showed a photo of dan be to the jury and said is he a cold blooded killer or is he had devastated husband. He lives with the mother of his murdered. Wife he's raising two children. He had with his murdered wife. The trial concluded in march two thousand nineteen for the second time. David waited for the jury to decide his fate and for a second time. He heard the same verdict. The jury of four women and eight men voted guilty. The following month court resumed as david waited for his sentence in an emotional hearing. michelle's loved ones gave victim. Impact statements describing the absence in their lives. Left by michelle's dav michelle's sister. Jennifer schneider spoke. We will never know what truly happened that day. She said according to the northern kentucky tribune newspaper the only people who truly know. Are david dooley and my sister. Michelle mockby and only one of them still has a voice. One who still has a voice almost seven years later continues to be a coward and hide behind his lies with that. The judge sentenced david to forty three years in prison. He would return to court again in two thousand twenty facing charges over child pornography from a crime unrelated to michelle staff in a plea deal in november two thousand and twenty. David pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two five year terms. According to local media reports. David dooley will serve that sentence concurrently with his forty three year murder sentence. And that's all for this episode as always. I'd love to hear what you think about this case. Do you agree with the jury that david murdered material. Or do you buy the defense's argument that there was too much reasonable doubt. Let me know by joining the conversation on instagram. at court. Junkie on twitter at court junkie pod or you can email me at podcast at court. Junkie dot com. This is an episode. 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