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After spotting ten year old Janina Carrico home alone, he kicked open the door and burst into the living room, Brian wrapped up in a bed sheet and carried her to the front door as they left the House Janine. Janine reached out desperately trying to hold onto something. Brian Yanked her away, and she left fingernail scratches in the wall, Brian Through Janine into his car and drove west into a secluded area there he walked her down. A nature trail called the Illinois prairie path. When he was sure they were alone. Brian Raped Janine then beat her to death with a tire iron. Brian said in a later interview I was driven by some of impulse that kept growing I could not stop. After killing her Brian Rule Janin's body off the trail and covered her with branches then he walked back to his car and drove away. Around the same time Janine sister returned home from school. The first thing she noticed was the front door hanging open frightened. She ran to a neighbor's house for help with the neighbors searched the house and saw Janin's fingernail marks on the wall, and they called the police investigators searched the area, but they couldn't find any evidence. Leading Janin's whereabouts Janin's body was discovered two days later by a pair of hikers her. Her family was devastated and the entire town of neighbor. Ville was shaken the F. B.. I. Launched an investigation into the murder and offered a reward for any information leading to an arrest. Two months later, an anonymous tip was called in based on the information provided dupage county officials arrested two innocent men. Rolando Cruz and Alessandro does after a rush trial. A jury found both men guilty and sentenced them to death. As Cruz and Hernandez were wrongfully forced to answer for Brian Dugan's crimes, he hunted for more victims during this time. It's suspected that he was responsible. For at least two more attacks on women, unfortunately, while Brian Fit, the description of the attacker in these cases investigators didn't have enough evidence to arrest him. Emboldened by the lack of consequences in the early hours of July fifteenth, nineteen, eighty-four Brian Struck again while cruising around in his beat up Chevy Impala. Brian spotted a young woman. Woman in a car at a stop light he was low on money and wanted to buy some drugs, so he decided to rob her. The woman twenty-seven-year-old Donna Schnorr was a floor nurse at Mercy Center Hospital. In Aurora..

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