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And i'm talking left or right just guys you can play with and you can win. There is there is none. There's not enough talented left tackles coming in the n._f._l. Fell so you get one like you said. It's a known commodity. That's number three the last one and this is part of the discussion. I think book is we talk about having a head coach and general no manager. The head coach is always right now tomorrow today he <hes> what's going to help us win a general manager long-term that's why it used to be general managers could hire a couple of coaches because they always had to look after the long term of the organization. We're a head coach is trying to just make sure he survives another year so this was a right now decision not saying it's right right or wrong. I'm just saying head coaches. Look at it and say we gotta play next week. I need some help and that's why you see a decision like this. Being made is funny. I i love all these points like because all these points i think are apply several situations but in houston it is all about the quarterback you have a legitimate quarterback you found him in a draft identified them now is bid around you brought up the example with gerry goffin what the ramsey jared goff in terms of surrounding him before his mom and he's played like a king since their point <hes> <hes> the championship window being open right now as much as we like to speculate a man. This team is going to be good to go for the next two three four years. We never know on a year you to your basis. Due to the chemistry continuity of the team changes if the window is open you gotta some you got to bust through the window right now. This is your chance in terms of the pipeline there you're right. There isn't a pipeline at college there. There isn't a single college. Debt is pumping out offensive tackles office of lyman at a rate where we're saying. Hey these guys can absolutely get you just go to university. You can get it. We talked about stanford and all the office of lima date have come out of stanford last year's. Those guys hasn't really panned out at materialize realized so if stanford is at the upper end. Maybe one of the elite programs them in iowa and maybe wisconsin hordes noted at notre dame has been the best been the school is hard to find him in so if i can't find him then what i gotta do is i got overpay because someone else in the pros has developed develop my guy now. I'm gonna take it from me. So that's what you do and then the head coach versus gentlemen. A debate is one that always goes on and and meeting rooms around the league. The head coach is short term. He is singularly focused on. What can i do to help us win week. One week two week sixteen the general manager is supposed to be the one that acts as the checks imbalances to the head coach a coach on. We still got to set this up for sustained run but the way going now d._j. The way the volatility in the league is you. You can't even really think about a long-term plan. You gotta find a way to get your team into the playoffs and win some games and hopefully that playoff run will buy some time to then rebuild field on the fly. There's no long term plans to as a project metairie down and don't build it back up. Even though the dos are trying to do that owners want to see if if you can win dan repair while you winning not reveal why you winning and last thing and then we'll move on and talk talk to <hes> to our buddy bruce feldman but i know they do not have a first round pick the next two years but now is the time and as i'm guessing it's necessary. I think that's that's what most people in the league expect to happen that wants the year's over that nixon syria will make that leap from new england in general manager there for bill o'brien and houston texans but if it's it's not next somebody else you better get the right g._m. Because next year while you have no one i believe they have a second round. Pick and with picks even peter king might have said this they have they have three third round picks next year and i believe two fourth round picks so while you don't have a one three threes fours you've gotta to you better. Make sure you're scouting. Accounting department is led by the right guy and you can go out and find those key players and because now the the margin of error is not there. I mean you've got you've cutty hit on those picks. You can't afford to miss on them so that to me is is <hes> underscores the importance than hiring the guy the we can talk about this we saw the seahawks hawks kinda take a loaf of bread and feed the masses they slice and have many picks slice it off and they were able able to get <hes> a plethora picks that allow them to fortify their roster. We will see the next day comes to houston. He has to be one of those guys. That can be a miracle worker worker. He has to be able to take the hammer the picks they have trade parlay those into multiple picks and then parlay those picks and two players and so is a waltari tiered process but they got expanded picks to have and then they got to bring in the right place to feel the knees on that team and also going to have an opportunity to be active in free agency. I i would believe too when you're not gonna have a first round. Pick the next couple of years. You'd probably get a big ticket. Item there in free agency so it'll be answered the follow this texas team and see what they end up doing going forward. We're all right buck. Let's switch gears here. Talk a little college football. I had a chance a little bit earlier today to catch up with our buddy bruce. Feldman bruce says if you don't bruce works for the athletic is one of the best writers for college football and has been for a very long time working for various outlets and does a wonderful job on fox as a sideline reporter order for one of their top college football teams. Nobody knows these college kids better then bruce feldman. He's been a great resource for us over the years and had a chance to visit with him about about some of the goings on from week one of the college football season abors appreciate you joining us man. I understand. We're at a baseball game right now so we hear a little noise in the background. You're not actually participating in this game. They'll right. We're watching. We're watching youngsters out there. We are watching. It's my five year old steine. It's the beginning of all baseball practice which yeah i know about. What kind of swing what kind of are we working with. <hes> not bad. He's a little <hes> but he's really into red so he's favorite player as to which she's profile. That's good. That's good copyright. There and scouting got to have a good copy already got it. I love it. He's already payment. I want to jump into some of these. Some of these college football topics here for first thing. I want to ask you about because i thought watching football all weekend and get a chance to to watch a lot of tape of these games. The thing that kinda just stood out to me. I thought the star of the weekend was really lincoln riley highly. I mean what this guy's been able to do year. After year. After year we know about the transfers to first round picks to first overall picks and here comes jalen hurts and <hes> bruce to me. Look look more comfortable more confident as a passer. The scheme seems to fit him and i just keep coming back to lincoln riley and and i don't know that we've seen anything like what he's been able to do. In terms of of really getting the best out of this position yeah user friendly to the extreme and i think what's really interesting to here's your three buried distinct personality. All maker runs pretty well. Obviously kyla runs really well. In jalen hurts bigger dude who runs well with the personalities are really really really different. I think to make them all fit is impressive how he gets guys comfortable and remember. The first guys were transfers and they sat out a year. <hes> ah jalen just got there in the spring hit the ground running also new offense of line. I think i've said this a couple of four. I think the best kept secret in in major college. Football is attached to lincoln riley and that's bill meanwhile the offense a line coach they only had one guy back and what what he does not just develop and his guys but also in the way they scheme scheme up some stuff in the run game. That's a lot of beedon law and riley working together and i i just don't think <hes> he probably gets enough credit for what he does but but lincoln's lincoln's ability to attack defenses and get people off balance with things it just like he always has a lot of interesting little wrinkles and i think that's what that makes jason berry different from the other guys but leach does what leads does and he does a really adds stuff because he doesn't want to take anything away from the system lincoln field because always adding stuff and he makes it where it's pretty seamless and how able to get these guys to grasp but this is really early. I know it's just one week into the season but it just kind of begs the question you know three years from now five years from now is lincoln riley still is he still in norman at that time in your opinion or do you think this is eventually going to get to the point where he wants to scratch an niche and then go try. It tried out the next level eventually. I think we'll get to that point. I don't think he's there now for a couple of reasons one. He has a really young family family that they've gotten settled in there too. I think he knows he's got a great situation. He's got the best in college football. He works for joe castiglione. I think he sees an opportunity to really make an imprint in college football what he can do there and i think he knows that the n._f._l. Is going to be there. <hes> you know five years yes from now. I think what if you're him you're pretty close to to ask a real shot to win some rings and i'm talking to national titles not no big ten title the big twelve titles and the addition alex grinch as a defensive coordinator now. This is his staff. I don't wanna say that you know. He didn't feel any sense of ownership. When when mike stoops bob's brother was running off run on the defense but i do feel like there is h window here and again you know he he recruited at quarterback. Who's a freshman from arizona spencer rattler who is a really good fit. I mean it feels like almost everybody. If you have talent is a good fit for what lincoln's gonna do 'cause is he gonna fit it to you but i think i think he's gonna be there for the run of at least wherever happens in the next four or five years with these recruits and then i would see i would not be are you surprised if he jumped but i would i would. I would be surprised if he jumped within the next year or so. Well might have to wait for them the n._f._l. Might have to wait for him. I should say but i know one thing. I guarantee you that these these oklahoma games aren't just being watched around college football guarantee. There's n._f._l. Teams in n._f._l. Off of coordinators studying what lincoln's do him because he seems to got a couple of good <hes> wrinkles each and every time you see this oklahoma team play a couple of other quarterbacks want to hit on before we get over some other guys from from these four what stood it out to you.

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