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The less of indulgence you make it the more you're like now on a thursday afternoon would buds because i'm like dialed in and i'm gonna make tuna fish yeah oh yeah yeah show high after a party but i'm trying to be so clean and healthy of course by the time this episode comes out i'll be like in gastric bypass surgery or something or cardiac arrest surgery valve put in but i i came in last night put like my classic and you're talking about being a college beat ed reminded me this so i made my old classic meathead snack which was like a dash honey mustard in canada tuna and just fucking no no crack down it's like forty grams of protein yeah that's where i'm at now when when i'm when i'm firing that's what i'm eighty when i'm twenty percent i am hi looking online to find a place that click click click i money that's that's when i'm on my that's when i know i'm not gonna make a good decision and you're getting food ordered say on my grub hub or post to people that i would love to sponsor the favorite weeds next man if so yeah my favorite like talking to older stone because it's like yeah can't have pop tarts scream all the time wish and in fact my girlfriend and i made this the other day my all time favorite is of fresh baked chuck chip cookies with vanilla ice cream on top of them like they're warm you put the fuck in vanilla ice cream on top and you just get a spoon and just that's amazing it's high.

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