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She's eighty five and being treated at Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center. This suffering court says doctors found no evidence of disease elsewhere in the body doctors found those growth during tests she had after she fractured ribs in a fall last month. It's Ginsberg's third bout with cancer since she joined the court in nineteen Ninety-three in New York City Tanya, j powers Fox News, the Taliban are welcoming the news of the US plans to withdraw half its troops in Afghanistan by summer, but Afghan generals are warning. It would be a blow to the morale of the country's security forces a German reporters losing his job after making up stories up conversations made up people and claims the mayor of Fergus falls, Minnesota carries a gun. Those are some of the fabrications from close a now extra. Quarter for the German publication Der Spiegel Fergus falls mayor Ben Shire says religious spends a while in his town. He had a narrative in his mind that he was gonna write a story about a rural community. He got to our community that narrative, certainly didn't fit what he had in his mind. So he I guess he decided to make it up many awards for his work, including one from CNN that award has been rescinded Der Spiegel editors say they're still digging into dozens more stories adding that it's a quote, low points in the publications history. Joy, Piazza, Fox News a man who won seven hundred thousand dollars. A New Jersey's lotteries been arrested on drug charges. Police in Jersey City stopped Fifty-three-year-old James Callaghan for a traffic violation where officers seized hundreds of prescription drug pills and to weapons cocaine marijuana and prescription drugs also found during a search of his apartment and more guns found in a storage.

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