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Beautiful make rustic cabins we're a few friends can hunt and forage the perhaps inbetween combing the wild in search of the allusive moose throw together a simple wilderness meal around the campfire nothing fancy just the bare essentials barrett satchels anderson recently caught up with board at a german restaurant on new york's upper east side where with the talk of food in newfoundland there was beer up lot of beer in this episode of you go to newfoundland which i've always wanted to go and i'm not even sure i'm pronouncing it correctly i had week ten days of practice on scene and with voice over i can't do its newfound newfoundland new family we've always going to get males why not it is found though nufemme newfound dot newfoundland it's new but it looks incredibly beautiful it is beautiful another it is very different than this is one of the things that's cool about canada it's big and it's i gotta say candidates each other i was just something to toronto if candidates great canadians guy i really like by two closest friends in canada both crazy quebec wash been pushing newfoundland me for a long time to say it's incredible era area let's go there we'll we'll hunt moose when did you go hunting moose i hunted moose did you actually know mousse unfortunately were hurt or killed making of this episode to my dismay because it was like hours of walking around drizzle beauty seeing those the supermarket where is readily available on staple of newfoundland cuisine.

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