Jasmine Barnes, David Whelan, ABC discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


E S Louisville. Iheartradio station. From ABC news. I'm Todd more effects of the temporary partial government shutdown at apparently for some a permanent loss of pay employees. Contractors to the federal government say they won't get back pay when the budget stalemates resolve we have enough savings to pay next month's rent. If it goes that far after that. I have no idea Rosenfeld personal service contractor for USA ID in Washington. We're getting to the critical point where something's gotta give David voucher. VP of the union representing TSA workers at Manchester. Boston airport affect us when it comes to mortgages paying rent daycare. They're still working. He says Chuck Sivertsen. ABC news seven days after seventy year old. Jasmine Barnes was shot and killed in her family's car in Houston. Texas. Authorities announced early Sunday that they have charged twenty year old Eric black junior with capital murder. Investigators identified black is a suspect after receiving a tip. In a statement. The Harris County sheriff's office said investigators do not believe Jasmine's family was the attended. Target of the shooting and that they were possibly shot as a result of mistaken identity. David Whelan, twin brother a former marine Paul Whalen who was arrested in rush on spying charges says his brother was in Russia to attend a wedding. When he was arrested will and says, there's nothing suspicious in reports that his brother held passports from the US, Canada Britain and Ireland and that several members of their family have multiple passports, and the Irish government changed the law..

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