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They still be up at last night's exciting victory by the Seahawks moving them to eight and five and they are locked in as the number five seed in the NFC nothing clinch yet. But it's getting closer and closer. They still have to the final three games at home. They still play the forty Niners and the cardinals the Seahawks should be able to finish as the five seed, which will send them to Dallas or Chicago right now, it would be Dallas for the wild card round. And then barring an upset by the six seed over the three seed, it would be Seattle at the LA Rams if the LA Rams ended up the number one seed. So Seattle looking very good. And I picked Seattle to win the division and it became abundantly clear by I don't know September thirtieth that I was going to be wrong, but the Seahawks after starting Owen to have been chipping away. They've been improving on the fly. I remember saying back when I was trying to come up with reasons why I still had faith in the Seahawks that they will get better as the season unfolds. The young players will mature Pete care will see to that. They discovered that run the ball run the ball run the ball formula. The offense isn't flashy. The defense is good enough last night. The defense was suffocating. And the Seahawks move to eight and five soft. Frank Clark had some some words for Richard Sherman because Richard Sherman had called the Seahawks. A middle of the road team. Frank Clark feels otherwise I'd say most of us would feel otherwise the Seahawks are not a middle of the road team. When they beat the lions twenty eight to fourteen weeks seven, I believe it was. Russell Wilson told me after the game. This feels like two thousand twelve when no one expected anything out of its no one believed Denison. We showed everyone that we need to be taken seriously. And the year after that was when they won the Super Bowl, and they could still win it this year. We've seen enough crazy outcomes in recent weeks that. Anything can happen in the post season. And just because we had been bracing ourselves for ram saints rematch. Chiefs patriots rematch the team that can disrupt that now it helps to play at home. And the only way they're going to play at home in the postseason is if they win two and the sixth seed wins to which I don't think that's ever happened. I don't think the five seats ever hosted the conference championship game. But that home field advantage. You could see it affected the Vikings early. Everything affected the Vikings. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what was going wrong with the Vikings offense. It lacks a rhythm it lacks a flow. It lacks a broader strategy. Like when you think of the Vikings. What do you think? The only thing I think is Kirk cousins looks for ways to throw the ball to Stefan days and Adam feeling and he does it too often. He tries to do it too often. Plenty of opportunities in the first half of the game. Third and intermediate where you can run or pass. And they always went pass. See commitment to run the ball. Just doesn't mean run it on first and ten run it on second and five or shorter. It means run the ball from any spot at any time. So you always keep the defense guessing as to what's coming next. But when it's thirty three when it started five, and you could run or pass, and you always pass and there were two plays last night. One of the first half one in the second half that looked identical. Where dental where Kirk cousins got the ball got flushed to the right? Ran to the right had nothing in through the ball away on third down twice. It's like the same play. It was deja vu. And that's on the offensive coordinator. Why is the offense struggling here's what Adam feeling had to say? Losses..

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