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With the boss attack at barclays center cops wanted to speak with connor after he threw a dolly into a bus which was carrying a bunch of ufc fighters and staffers multiple people were injured including fighter michael chason who is hospitalized with lacerations to the vice sources say connors been charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault one count of felony criminal mischief one assault charge is for the injuries to the other fighters face like the video is just insane dana white or super pissed and there goes all your mayweather money idiot that's something i want to be anywhere near by the way is a ufc brawl no way goes guys marc jacobs the designer went into came out with the fashion designer proposed who was boyfriend while at chipotle lay of all places to be inspired i mean the proposal was accompanied by a flash mob dancing to prince's kiss so this was all you know sat up video the event posted on mark's instagram shows very shocked fiance once he realizes what's going on he of course said yes comments section of the videos flooded with congrats from all the beautiful people naomi campbell all the models all that stuff lord is upset lord upset some people guy posting a picture of her bathtub along with the caption we always love you which is that was honestly angie that was horrible i know which is from whitney houston song do you understand why this bad because whitney died in the bathtub oh yeah okay both whitney and her daughter died in bath tubs the lord had no intention of making a joke out of actually didn't realize what she'd done until people started calling out for its future she didn't think about that i don't know that i would have thought about that you just said why was that bad i'm like why was it that oh yeah come on she didn't think about it she said i'm extremely sorry for offending anyone i hadn't even put that together i was just excited to take a bath i'm an idiot i love you that's right yeah well check out online today you can see video of the whole conor mcgregor thing and the marc jacobs proposal at the all at fred envy dot com this is crazy story in the chicago tribune yesterday actually it was a couple of days ago but when kelly rowlatt received the results.

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