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Matt carral, old miss. You think about a kid like Malik Willis liberty struggled down the stretch. He really had some struggles. Three INT against Louisiana Monroe, middle Tennessee state, saw what happened late year when the competition got a little bit better. So a rough game against old miss. Now that's not his fault. You can't go just on quarterback when your team's out. Man, they couldn't block them. You can't pay them if you can't block them in football, but the quarterbacks they answer your question feel nobody is then that top tens at a category right now. In fact, when I look at my big board, I see Kenny Pickett at 19 Desmond Ritter 20 Mac pro 22. Malik Willis a 28. Yeah, it's interesting because I just looking at my grades on this year's class versus last year's class and talking to a couple of probably three or four different people over the last month or so in the league for evaluating this quarterbacks already. I would say the same thing as the people I talked to in the league and that said, you would be jumping off at number 6 in terms of quarterbacks if you were trying to stack this year's guys versus last year's guy's Lawrence. Wilson fields Lance, Mac Jones, you know, and then it would be the first guy from this year's class that would be the 6th quarterback taken in my opinion. Fitting a haircut into a fully packed schedule is hard. But supercuts makes it easy. Just check in on the supercuts app or walk in for a quality cut. The highly trained stylist and supercuts can always give you that fresh cut feeling fast. It's not just any haircut, it's super cuts. Check in now on the supercuts app or on supercuts dot com..

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