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Very cool as a we'll be relying heavily on your expertise because as you know we're featuring my interview with living legend jane goodall oh yes of course yes yes she her field work is is understand the foundation of all modern primate science jed overstating it or is what i don't think so i think she she's a rockstar rockstar okay justifiable rockstar well in my interview i asked her how did her path into science begin at all because we all have a story she's got a story all right let's check it out it began in a hen house when i was four and a half years old we went stay on a farm in the country and i always loved animals and we lived in london at the time so mom and i went to this foam popa foam where animals are in the fields and hens up trucking around in the foam yet and i was given a job to collect the eggs so i don't remember this but apparently i was asking everybody but you know here's the wiz the whole on the hen which is the come on and nobody could tell me wouldn't tell me so what i do remember distinctly is this hen brown one and she's going into this little hen house and the witness books around the edge so i must have thought us she's good till and crawled off to her and apparently was gone for i hours and the family had no idea where i was the even called the police and yet when mom sumi running towards the house.

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