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We didn't know how they were gonna play this year. Turns out you guys match up in the playoffs. How do you me to knock go absolutely desert in game seven when you down and my company keeps rewriting the great the greatest one that king. And it's this own power. Storyline that kevin hayes take over borelli's and here's another side. I know. I know. There's where did i do anything to do to cause no not publicly but when a couple of goals well first game i said kevin as the problem is you had like a goal yet and says it was crazy wouldn't stop. You wouldn't stop scorn. You wouldn't stop getting points then. I heard that you had planned something from no from guys and he goes inserted. He's planning something for game seven. I said okay like now. I gotta be on it so whatever happens. You're die or come. victoria's. I know it's nice respectful situation where we both came out on top but instead you should on me. I've done nothing wrong to you my whole entire life and then i started talking to brady brady. What yeah that was pretty fucked up by him. Listen it was. It was cheap jar. I can't control my emotions. My team had never gotten that far in in my lifetime. Kid it is. Like i can't be thinking about friendships relationship. Listen whatever happens in that rank it just it stays in the right. I know i had my dad throwing chairs on me. I don't know what's happening during this playoff series. I i may have. I went to bar with the laughing. Seventy s the christmas. Just been a tweet. I didn't need to spend tweet vegetables. I didn't need no one needed to see me laughing so hard that i was crying. I one needed that. But you know what we're past it now. I think of passing them on the show. We are men's you take me out to golf at a nice course. We'll we're over true fair as as british as on my team Gorey's so hey you guys you you know you finish this series. You guys lose. It's obviously gotta be one of the worst part moments your career make it that far he has pumped in. How do you find out what break us a fellow team ordinary guy said about you in one of your worst professional. You know saddest moment before we because you're the bubble at once. We lost if we won that round. I wouldn't have won the cup. This is the hardest stanley cup everything but since we lost. It's a cup like no fans not the doesn't matter so we'll have to travel so frank you should. You should use your islanders as well because like it's not a real real stanley cup when they won the cup fair and square..

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