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And we have a John More for the side of segment John. You've been doing radio for a long time. A lot of knowledge in the military altri knowledge. What's going on in the darkest we call the deep state? In fact I was amazed watching the program and Tucker Carlson where a one of the guys in the pharmacy was actually apologizing. Version of thanking God deep state was there to put restraint on Donald Trump and our elected officials. I mean these people are so arrogant they are actually think that elected people people in populations right to choose. Our leaders is an obscenity that they feel they have the right of God like Satan Drool over us. It's amazing isn't it. It is amazing. Thanks Dr are during the break yesterday. Talking about what I do on my show. I've got quite a lineup of guests out. My I know you have an interest in and weapons and firearms. Monday is firearms Monday. Wow I special guests on on Monday. Sam Andrews Just to give you an example of his credentials. REMINGTON firearms approached him to take over and run and salvage their precision rifle division. So fiving every meeting with the Executives came to Saint Louis and Sam game though five executives from Remington attest to find out what they knew. Well they all failed the test and my friend said. Gentlemen what you've got broken. I can't fix it. Sam Builds world-class rifles and he owns and operates operates a world class training facility here in Missouri or a few weeks ago. The governor Missouri's personal security detail received training there So so that's Monday I guess the first hour on Tuesdays is pharmacy. I Field operative. Mr Steve Been noon. He he maintains context And very critical places And Stephen I met at a conference. We were both speakers at Cincinnati a few months back. We really hit it off. Because because of the compatibility of our experience our knowledge our context and things seem like over. Every Tuesday is just phenomenal. I OUR WEDNESDAYS I have. I know you know Professor James mckinney. We get into all kinds of topics. Professor Presser mckinney house. Give me one example. We've all heard of the Nasca lines down in Peru. Those those pictures of built Roxie you can only see from aircraft. Well one of the things. Professor mckinney has expertise and specialized antenna and and he was able to confirm that these would appear to be pictures of of animals in the desert trailer. Actually F- rectal antennas. This is what they are fascinating. The second hour my friend Jeff. NYQUIST is California resident. He he should quite frankly. He should have a typical and the West Wing advising the president on the international economists conspiracy. He's written several books on this. He he writes very well researched articles. He's personally interviewed. A number of Russian defectors to find out what's really going on With the Kremlin and their decades-long goal to defeat the United States. Both right now they have A number of nukes in North Korea's of North Korea and in In Iran as well as Venezuela and Put where to Nicaragua. Please continue well speaking of North Korea Twice a day North Korea has satellites go right over the United States on Fuller The the former director of the CIA has confirmed that there's nuclear devices on board those satellites But we can take got our EMP for East West Side of the United States so as a Passover they can just blow them and blow our power grid ninety percent of the US population was six months would be dead just from power blackout caused by. That's true and we need to talk about that just a bit Because it's so important My belief based on what I know how is that they won't do a nationwide emp. Unless they're absolutely certain they're going to lose the war. Here's what they want. They want oil refineries that work not destroyed for eight to ten years. MP take out the oil refineries for eight to ten years they weren't locks and dams. Were they wanNA power are good. That works they want airports at work. they want a functioning infrastructure now. More likely to use small weapons that were take out command control with Mt. That's very likely because that would allow them to achieve their goal of taking over a country that's functional as opposed to a country that is not useful or functional at all for eight to ten years to the future so the threat of nationwide. EMP is is in the background And waiting to be used if our opposition thinks that they're going to lose the war and it's a Hail Mary. We got nothing left. Let's go ahead and do it The Russians have developed. You probably know this doctor. They small nuclear weapons that put up almost no radiation put a good. This is also could take. Oh maybe two square miles or three miles more than enough to knock out command and control which is all any to do in our to conquer our country and their opinion so nps still a clear and present danger. But I don't believe it's the same level of threat that you and I believed believed to be only a few years ago because you're absolutely correct because they don't want the nation's stripped of its emp. We should start thinking about laying power lines or plasma lines and having other types of energy generation like Tokamak fusion reactors. But the problem is that I personally got a twenty kilowatt generator. I've got eighty five hundred watts of solar and I'm GONNA soon have silicon salt batteries. In fact one of the suppliers I should announce I have a source of silicon salt batteries. That that I can make sure you don't have to pay any tariffs on so that if you contact me I can get you silicone. Salt batteries should have that. Because don't think only in California L. Foreign country that they won't shut the power off even by just cyber hacking in fact it's more likely they'll shut off the powered by cyber hacking. Then blow thing the do because it doesn't destroy the equipment it's just down and the rush. When we had the the grid ex- exercise the Russians the Chinese Of all things believe it or not. We're invited to absorb the observers. How crazy is that well? I think it's because they're actually collaborating. Approach called Project Thor. Have you heard of that one. I don't believe so project for is where we have. What's called depleted uranium rods? That are a meter long long chewed from directed energy weapons celery tubes rods from God. You know do you. Collaborative research with Russian's so we us and the Russians have both rods from God. Did you know that I am floor. That technology isn't that crazy Why would we collaborate? With Russia's reason is the globalist including left and the right including people. Like you know Are Mormon friend. I'M NOT GONNA mention. His name. Wants to have a Malcolm Mission of America with the communist Chinese and Russia and having a borderless world no nation states anymore you want Ted trade zones ten trade zones which like it says in the Bible they shall give their power. Ten kings is to the beast for one hour one time that system is coming up in fact the US MC treaty which Donald Trump signed with his son-in-law who framed it is actually zone three of the US Embassy Treaty of the World Trade Act. It was in the fall of nineteen seventy-three published in Foreign Affairs Journal of the council and farm relations. People need to L. Even under trump. There's things going on. That here may not understand. But it's actually part of the new world order that are happening including five network which is Danni toxic. It's going to eventually used to track you back into human consciousness and under the control your biology as well as your your your your. That's the goal in our job. United the United Doctors to inform people educate them have them do their own independent research and comes with a correct conclusion that they need to prepare spiritually and physically for what's coming out of A. We'll do it. I mean he's going to terminate in fact one of the things that I see a primary termination and we see with increased volcanic and earthquake activity. You're on the planet. One thing that I god and God's going to do that will terminate and this is one of the reasons why you're right that they won't use the M P their primary control. The world is through the Internet and every Intel Agency including no such agencies agencies and so on and all their tentacles like facebook twitter and so on they have to have digital access to data on everybody and I took care of employees work at the virtual world project intriguing retriever airforce base level nor in eastern Colorado Springs and garbage dump highway at Falcon Colorado. That's why they won't use the MP because they need to have the Internet to control us us and the real issues one eventually hack into human consciousness and only matter of a couple years away from doing that. That's why in a future couple years. Your Kid will say twenty twenty twenty two or twenty twenty four bomb. I WANNA buy a game so I can play Jumanji and put on little helmet or headband and actually hacked wreck your cortex rather than even looking does your eyes and ears Cyber Helmet people don't know this is coming today. No they don't know it's it's scary stuff in the technology probably already exist. It just hasn't been distributed. Yeah exactly and none of they have it but they're not going to release it the also. Don't want to see the pushback from people like Christians are going to wake up and realize they're about to be already entered into a into a dialogue and a covenant with death and Hell Rally the homeschool movement is continually growing have people the people have had it with public schools and the crazy stuff. They want to subject our children and California's the worst of all the government. newsom there now force vaccine vaccine. I got called Paddock. All after the night September passed a law here in California. The doctors gave vaccine waivers sonal based on Full of acid acid polymorphism to their DNA to get more toxic from the aluminum. Toxic heavy metals. In the vaccine's. They're actually going to delight. His doctor's give vaccine waivers and functional Madison in California and now a child. Well they have case Kevin Texas where the mother is trying to push them to seven year. Old Become Cheney and have uh hormone suppressive therapy before even puberty to become a female in the father's fighting them in a quarter allowing him to have some kind of presence right now but in California Nya if a child is on a seven or eight years of age they can actually start requesting sex change in our in hormone therapy with all the consent of the parents. That's craziness if you don't do all the vaccines you go to public school in in California. Now I call a comic. We still have. We still religious exemptions Missouri for the Public School Vaccine. Yeah they do a non California anymore. It's got shame. Shame well well. They're getting the hell out of California aren't they are is. They're leaving commie cornea. I call it what I'm ready for battle here as I said for years ago and they're trying to vaccinate my daughter with down syndrome. She's twenty six and a half and she goes two hours a day on the treadmill and Just this year they actually. IRS actually sent a fine to us that our daughter was married and live with us and wasn't dependent so we paid the fine. We're fighting still now but our daughter for years ago. They tried to give her the guards vaccine and I told the school nurse male nurse. You vaccinate my daughter. I have a vaccine for you but it contains lead and I gave him a big long lecture on vaccines and people need to know. Dr Eagles not Mr Passive. I've never been in the military but I have military heart and if they want to see the release of weapons that I can design because I was making high explosives fuel rockets retool Gago a special wall. I can make the most advanced weapons in history which is why the dark side want to recruit let me including the doctor we call men like Alpha male warriors. Yeah I'm not going to back down and I WANNA give the technology to others including non lethal weapons so people can protect themselves because the globalist basically are hoping you're either ignore the truth or you're a coward and to be honest with you. It doesn't take a lot of resistance to stop. He's maniacs the X.. I E prayer I number prayer number two the willingness to die for the truth in fact remember my friend and Delta forces special opportune took care. Well you told me. The most important thing is only to prep extreme preparation for the battle but also prepared to the point where you're not afraid to die so you you have a chance to live and if you're frayed to die because you're not prepped. Or you're not wanting to enter the battlefield. You're probably going to get injured or die anymore. We're talking high school football ball the young men and football who were fearful of being injured. They were the ones who got injured exactly. So if you're the same thing with people on the radio I hear people. I'm afraid to go on a killing me. Do you think somebody wants me dead. You know why don't we did because people including Special Forces Delta and people inside the Intel agencies not listen to me daily. They'll believe caused massive resistance to neural daughter inside the government in the military. So they're terrified to kill Daego because if they kill Oh me people will believe including even people are dark side doing evil already because everybody's got a red line. For example people will do mass murderer. But they won't kill their Mama and people need to realize that everybody's going to redline Heaven.

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