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On the media coming up next at midnight it's eleven thirty BBC world service continues this week on crowd science we getting all maths brains in gear as we tackle a whole bunch of fantastic questions from high school students under lockdown in Spain you have one very proud maths teacher they work so hard they think really carefully about the perfect place to go and they were really curious we can't wait to listen to the program how do you teach maths when the schools shops and cannot experts help out that's crowd science with me Monique Justin off to the needs BBC news with David how it's really is easing its coronavirus restrictions today but the prime minister just happy come tie has said the country is still in the midst of the pandemic and urged the public to act responsibly parks are re opening outdoor exercise is permitted and people can visit relatives within that region many other European countries are taking that first step towards lifting Matlock dance they include Portugal Spain Croatia and Greece with some small shops and hairdressers can reopen some of the measures have been announced in the number of countries in Africa and the Middle East in June is the Hoff of the public administration and industry sectors are returning to work hello facemasks must be warm president trump has accused China of a botched cover up in its handling of the coronavirus and break in a televised town hall meeting intended to re launch his presidential campaign Mr trump said China had failed to cooperate with international requests to help one of the disease was spreading in Wuhan Mr trump also said he was confident that would be a vaccine for coronavirus by the end of the year he rejected criticism that his administration had acted too slowly insisting his decision to impose restrictions and save lives the prospect of more trade tensions between the US and China has spooked the markets the price of oil fell the value of the dollar rose and futures markets in the US and Europe with Dan New Zealand has recorded note new coronavirus cases in its daily figures for the first time since the middle of March the country and the district locked down nearly a week ago although a number of social distancing restrictions remain in force heavy traffic is again filling the streets of the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur as the government eased curbs on movements and businesses for the first time in six weeks however many shops in Colin Powell have stayed closed the country has had more infections and deaths and most of its neighbors that's the latest BBC news hello and welcome to throwing pencils on the floor from the BBC world service with me mony Chesterton don't worry this isn't the desperate consequences of being confined to my house this is actually an experiment was measured the width of my floorboards I'm throwing this pencil on the floor one hundred times and often noting how many times it hits a crack between the boards I should have everything I need for calculation that will give me pause the mathematical constant not a pastry close the loan this edition of crowds science teaches literature maths homework as a bunch of high school students currently stuck at home have sent us questions don't get more interesting than pencil drops as I'm joined by doctor Katie speckles the mathematician with all the know how and we'll be getting to pie later but first let's hear from Andrea who has a question about nothing hello my name is Andrea I'm sixteen years old I'm from Spain and my question is what's the importance of zero how was it discovered thank you thank you agian and hello Kitty stickers how are you good thank you right so you like millions of kids.

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