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If you haven't even bothered to read this particular book i don't have anything to say to you that person at the right this is one of my econ teachers that i used to let go to his office in like we would have arguments on whatever and he will like pull out his dry race board draw charts and graphs to prove musila at recess you're or at lunch you're in the professors office do in math problems than egon problem nerd alert as i say of but so like because he was so emphatic about it in encounter shamed me because i own the book and had never actually bother to read it right i actually did dig into it now i've probably we recep fourday like ten times oh awhile um i just one of those they're like every single time i read it i get something new from it because i at a new phase financially in my life than was by right at the first time or my aspirations have changed financially since the last time i read it and so a kind of helps to as i can reshape my perspective on what i should be doing with money that's an interesting point i didn't even think about that on the next one on my list personally um is never eat alone by keith farrah's vietnam here that was hit tell me more at another excellent suggestion by mr malcolm ethridge and will harris also noticed beats bobby man both of them read it and suggested that i read it ended up being what at the top my list than in the book is actually about you know focusing on the longterm and concerted effort that she had to put out when it comes to networking in the value of doing that over time i'm an answers questions about building confidence that you need to network and making it how to make it a part of the your lifestyle kind of habitually such that you're always networking at every point in every moment of your life uh i thought it was really powerful because it put in real terms.

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