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Media guy what i would do is i wouldn't leave it hanging i would tell the world right now how long they were suspended just two dead the new story keep this is where they're playing it wrong internally you say this is how long it's going to be uh kinda like coast k what grason allah a different scenario obviously he never gave an exact game so wherever you bring us back to some people is going to be enough to somebody who is not going to be enough i consider but because this is a bigger scenario this is why used that example this is an apples and oranges comparison is because now everybody's going to wonder and ask knowledge is flat out come on say this is how long is b resource i'm talking about well rockets coach mike d'antoni has someone to talk about here years with reporters at shootaround on wednesday talking about the return of chris paul well we've done up the now impounded together new team tomorrow because when you put that big of a rock into the potters big waves and we're going to figure out uh one get jessica get in the game shave and playing well to advise rotation will the difference of we have to have no endurance three games in traffic as smooth as we go along why is coached antonio acting like we have to in tour of the next two or three games like this is such a problem how would you integrate chris paul if you were chris paul has done a really good job in his rehab doing individuals with the legend john lucas was a part of the houston rockets staffed i've talked about from the beginning win initially it was talked about it only being a couple of weeks that it was going to be around sixweek tom line four chris paul return the most important thing that he said is getting gang shake would also integrating somebody this also used to having the ball in so based on the way hard and has been playing with him out kind of like he was the last couple of years the adjustment for everybody beyond rotation in particular guy eric gordon.

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