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Yeah, I think Murray probably should have been Tara Daniel, but it is one of the moments you just don't know how much money he's got in him. You know, 5 sets is a lot to play for Murray. So even with two days, even with day and a half probably recovery, it's still a lot to ask him to then. Play again. And he did have a good week in Sydney before. So perhaps he's just worn out. So I don't know how it's just a weird one that one. Expected more of radical, but again, you get blisters on your hand what can you do? That's an effect of having not played for a while because obviously had COVID, so she couldn't. She didn't have much of a preseason. So, you know, that's obviously had a physical effect. I think there's obviously hampered her credit to she put up a fight, didn't she, she wasn't going to give in to your team one is her to withdraw, didn't she? Had she won that no chance she would have played against you would have played a third round match. But yeah. Watson kind of what I expected really to do second round third round would be nice but second round at slams probably where you expect what's into be now. And obviously we had Harriet dart to get eager from tech in the first round, which is a nightmare drawer for a qualifier. So yeah, I think some of it comes down to the draw. The drawers and some of it comes down to a little bit of not quite what you would expect from them. Would you give out of ten do you think for Brits and Melbourne in the singles? 5 5 6. If ten is exceptional and I don't know actually let's say ten is exceptional and 5 is 5 to 6 is what is kind of expected then actually probably four to 5. There was definitely a little bit more and hopefully come the next grand Sam come the French Open hopefully singles singles wise, we can do a bit better. But yeah, let's move on. We'll see we had some tops or some of the top seeds in action. I mean, we did have the top seed left in action. Daniel Medvedev, he beat van der zen in straight sets 6 four 6 four 6 two also won against Benoit paire in four sets, 6 three 7 5 6 7 6 four. I mean, just talking about these matches, we're still, I think, for Medvedev. He's not that curious match, I think. Yes, he was tested. And I was sort of expecting van der zand maybe to give him a bit more of a run for his money, but again he just came out just playing two good two good tennis at the moment and he comes up against big serving likes to come to the net maxim cressy in the next round who came overcame Chris O'Connell, the Australian in four sets. Do you see any issues there for Medvedev? Or do you just think he's just still on his march? Potentially all the way to the title. Yeah, no, I think he's probably going all the way to the title. He's got the most probably open draw now that he could have wished for especially his section. He's not playing a seed in the fourth round. Chile itch and Felix Australia seem I don't think I troubling too much looking at just the other seeds in his quarter. Potentially sits you pass or sinner. I don't think it would be too difficult for him. I think if he gets Nadal or well, if he gets Nadal in the fight, oh that's probably that's probably going to be his biggest test is against Nadal. If the doll makes it to the final. But I think it's probably in the absence of Novak Djokovic in the draw. I think Medvedev is obviously the clear favorite. So, you know, he plays excellent on a hard court. So yeah, I don't see, I can't really see anyone troubling him. I saw him watch. I watched him pay curios. I didn't see his third round match. Against both van der San. I mean, we also had Yannick sinner defeating Andy Murray conqueror Taro Daniel in four sets. Yeah, I was sort of the performance. I wanted to put it against Tara Daniel, but the fact that he got as a qualified got to the third round took a set off sinner. Yeah, it shows that he, again, it was some very, very good form and maybe Murray will look at that result and say, hey, he just played he just played some really, really good tennis. And he did make Yannick swimmers sweat, I think, a little bit in their match, but sinner coming through a very, very good competitor. I think he'll have gone into that match with sitting with a lot of confidence having beaten Andy Murray in straight sets. You know, he won't have he won't have gone into that going I'll crack on down. We're going to play someone who's really good because he's already beaten someone who's really good. And also I think he's the last qualifier in the drawer, isn't he at that stage? So to, you know, he's got a bit of a little bit of the radical news about him. This Australian open in the deepest going qualifier in the drawer. So you think he's got another he's played 6 matches. That's probably more matches than he would play normally in a week anyway..

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