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Than they have for the first nine games of the year. News yesterday afternoon, James Harden chipped the Brooklyn in a 14 7 player, 10 Pick Deal. Eight of the 10 picture, first rounders and all eight. Go to Houston all around protected. Well. Houston gets the hall of the storyline Now that the Nets have a big three Here's got it three point line, right looking for three dreams. It changed heart with his start three ball of the night when it becomes the first defending indicates going chipping in the change teams since Tracy McGrady went to the Rockets before the old four or five season. Four players have won three consecutive NBA scoring title since the merger in 76 77. Two of them now play for the Brooklyn Nets. Beard cross over euro step, please it off the glass it in for two. And beards got five straight. Corden has averaged over 30 points per game, and each of the last three seasons he has a chance to become the fifth player in NBA history to average 30 points in four consecutive season, hardened across the timeline rights on the floor there by coming to looking for a step back, and for the lead get James Harden. Back to back threes 44 for the game Rockets up by one. Courtney's reunited with Kevin Durant. The pair were teammates for three years in Oklahoma City, including the playoffs. The Thunder will plus 9 45 and three seasons with the rating hard on the court together. That was the best of any thunder duel in that time. Also included Russell Westbrook shoots from James Harden, Does it again Saint's body had a couple of big ones in Portland, 29. For James Harden. In addition to Harden and Durant, the Nets also has six time NBA All star Kyrie Irving, giving them three of the most dynamic players in the game began. But trio was combined for 24 All Star game appearances. 18 all NBA selection. Three in the game titles to MBA MVPs in Free All Star Game MV Piece, ESPN Radio's Day Williams. This trio is better than a trio that I saw when Kevin Durant went to Golden State. And that's what Clay Thompson and that's what Stephon Curry. It's better than a trio that I saw with LeBron James and D. Wade and Chris Bosch in Miami. Alan Wise, they are the best. I think they might be the best assembled in.

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