Rizo, Douglas High School, President Trump discussed on Joel Riley



Rizo's and alumni marjorie stonemason douglas high school he addressed those gathered just oualadi to know how proud i am to be part of this community i want you to know that you're not alone in your grief were all grieving with you the senior class president read the names of the victims and many chanted no more guns a washington state teenagers under arrest after his grandmother told police he was planning a school shooting the investigation into the eight two year old everett washington student began when his grandmother called 911 tuesday i'm fine game um colonel ann tree on my grandson m carnegie planning who um have a nasserdine at one of a high school in police say one journal entry described how the teenager had flip the coin to decide which school he would attack as grandmother also told police she had discovered he had a semiautomatic rifles stored in a guitar case expect heavy traffic him road closures and westerveld today with the funeral land procession for police officers the anthony morelli and eric cheering the station that these st paul catholic church begins at ten a m funeral service begins at one p m following an outdoor ceremony the procession will closed parts of state street shrunk road honor by avenue in county lime road closures are expected between nine thirty a m and four p m the aclu's has recently passed data boertien legislation is unfair to patients he'll high arm of the american civil liberties union is suing over a law that prevents abortions based on a down's syndrome diagnosis the suit filed thursday names the state health department medical board and county prosecutors officials with planned parenthood joined the aclu at a news conference thursday claiming.

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