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Canada all this soil alex line i don't like how you're talking at us woman this dude fucking throw dive in his foot the bill the aimed right innis toe yeah and i couldn't help but laugh hysterically were that mother truckers stuck all perfect and then he goes don't fuck with the lords of how and she pulls out the knife and says dole fog with a babysitter is big that literally the best the line of the movie for me that should have been on the poster should have been little vote with the beyonce block with the baby said i mean they got the one fought the end and it was used to prepare shipley for which i wrote in caps don't fuck with the babysitter in in again he said this movies and saying argue i wanna tshirts as don't fuck there's a lot of like like movies at this time that were fucked have about babysitters i feel like 'cause there is also don't tell him that's another move we should water at together i would love to watch should walk that 'cause i also i'm pretty sure what's their names in that two applegate it has christina applegate r the the boy boy it doesn't matter i'm doesn't matter but it was a lawyer in it there is a boy so okay so we're going to go to the see now because this is a scene that i literally i wrote down weirdest fucking thing ever which is the hot dog wiener seen this is my favorite says happening with foreign rienda when brenda tries buy a hot dog with a cheque friendlies like fucking cashiers checked and she's explaining it she is like uh you know my friends mombaur's something and then she gave her this check in than i she designed it over she may i end it over to me and that i gave her the difference in all just sign over to and i'm like wet first of all i just know enough about checks to know you sign here and then you do this little thing here like i don't know enough about this shit this fucking world of leg no way was this going to work and then now in the middle of the conversation the hotdog vendor decides he said as good let's not call it a hot dog anymore and what a winner the weiner.

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