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Think the NFL Roger Goodell the old comic happening an apology on this guy's very very capable of of of playing in the NFL right now Terrel Lewin says he attended the funeral of George Floyd on Tuesday and wants to see an end of racism in this country is a serious issue this is a systemic issue and it does it's just just stop or start with Colin Colin Kaepernick the protesters not only wanted apology they're calling for a boycott of NFL games in the boycott of purchases of NFL merchandise any what John can extend seventy newsradio the man suspected of ambushing and shooting at San Luis Obispo county sheriff's deputy in killing a homeless man in Paso Robles is dead following a shootout with law enforcement agencies San Luis Obispo county sheriff Ian Parkinson says that they set up a perimeter around the suspect twenty six year old Mason lira in the area of highway forty six in Ramada drive in Paso Robles the suspects were shot and during the shooting two more officers were injured one a California highway patrol officer was shot in the bullet proof vest a second deputy sheriff from Kings County got out of the armored vehicle to rescue the CHP officer that just been shot and was shot himself an officer from the Arroyo Grande police department also wounded lira started firing at Paso Robles police station early Wednesday morning which is when the deputy was shot in the face he underwent surgery.

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