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According to an autopsy by the county, medical examiner, Nikki's death was a homicide caused by ligature strangulation and blunt force trauma. Shepherd two hundred and forty one. Including significant facial injuries, a fractured jaw, an injuries of the Genitalia suggestive of sexual assaults. They were listed as substantial repeated injuries. Dr ESCA rebel Ska listed to causes of death, and here's why quote, there are injuries inside and on the neck muscles that we haven't discussed. That are consistent with her being alive at the time of the ligature, being placed around her neck, so I know she was alive when that happened, but I also know she was alive at the time that the head injury occurred so I can't say which one of those happened first, and which one was the final one. Therefore, that's why they're both listed. Each of them is fatal in this environment. Dr Rogalski determined that the cord found on Doug's neighbor's lawn is consistent with the ligature marks on Nicky's neck. The Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory confirmed. Nikki's DNA was on the cord, and the blood found in the road was indeed hers. Two men jogging on the road and the morning of May twenty. I would later tell police. They noticed the pool of blood around five forty five. Nikki's body was swabbed for DNA in. Investigators believed the killer would have touched in order to drag her body into the field. An unknown males DNA was found on key parts of her body, including her chest arms hands under her fingernails and Vagina. This same profile was also found on the cord. They were able to find a sample large enough to submit to the national database on Nikki sock. The hit was a match for George Stephen Burge. In fact Georgia's DNA was found on a total of sixteen different places on Nikki's body. Detective slinger obtained a search warrant for Georgia's Google account information associated with his Samsung cell phone. A forensic download of his Google Dashboard revealed that he started his night on May Twentieth at Richard Cranium. Spar a short distance from the Sardine can. He stayed there until two thirty a. m when he went home from to thirty two am until two thirty eight am. He then drove down Broadway on the west side of green. Bay crossed the bridge and arrived at Nikki's house at three o one am. His cellphone remained in front of the home until three fifty three a. m.. From three fifty, eight through four, two am Georgia's cellphone. Ping's off at the fields were Nikki's body is found. At four zero five am. His phone pinged on the highway near the ramp, were her clothes and purse were found the at four twenty two am. George went home and remained there until the morning. He was woken up by his friend at Jackson to go on a fishing trip. George had moved from Virginia to Green Bay in March two thousand sixteen, F Jackson had offered him a place to stay and helped him find a job. On May twenty first at any point in time, either before you left your, House In the car on the boat. With the defendant. Did you notice any injuries to his head now? Did you have a good view of his head during that time period dench. Bruising. Swelling no no abrasions. Contusions. and. He had no hat on for that time period. You're on the boat Mojo. Ed said that George didn't mention anything about what he was up to night before. When they returned home, they were watching the local news when a story about a local homicide came on. Ed said the SCUMBAG. That did it ought to be taken down. George didn't reply. Intently.

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