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Hillsboro, eight six six five four five ninety five ninety five eleven after six were joined by our guys at the movies guy, Kevin car and Kevin see we got four movies. I don't see any that just jump out as a comedy. That really is directly a comedy. There's there's a, yeah, there's a bunch of where do you wanna start? Would you like to start with the well there is comedy in the movie little let's talk about that one? And I'm sure there's a little bit. We can start with little, but I'm sure hell boy, there's a little you know, there's a little comedy in there. Comedy. I wouldn't overly call it. A comedy. Yeah. I like hell boy, I think that's gonna be a popular one. This one is a reboot of the hell franchise instead of having Gildo Toro directed. They've got Neil Marshall who has done some action and horror movies in the past in this one hell is trying to stop a sorceress from coming back to life and destroyed all life on earth. I I love the first to hell boy movies. I thought they really worked gamma they'll Toro in charge them really give it something special. This one is it's just not very well done. I mean, it does you're right. It does have some jokes in there does have some one liners and winks of the audience in the production design looks okay. It's just it's just kind of the the story of drive it self through. And and and it seems really even at times, and there's a lot of action to it. But sometimes it just seems the actions they're loaded with CGI to just kind of. Keeps distract Melissa look for the best one of the weekend. What would that be? Oh, gosh. Well, I would say missing link is the best one of the weekend that is an animated film by Leica, which is the stop motion animation group that stuff like Kubo in the two strings and Cora line in paranormal and the box turtles. That's the story of a Ceska watch who gets in touch with a explorer and hunter to find more of his own kind out there in the world and in his road movies of the sub likely couple and join up forces another woman who has a map to Shangri LA. So he can find some yetis. What's the sasquatch? Look like kinda like a big hairy lollipop. It's it's it's it's whimsically animated. We'll say it's it's not exactly what assess squash. Immediately, look like. But then again, you know, hey, it's comedy his voice by Cal Calvin actress. Oh perfect. That's a comedy. I'll take that else. We got out there. Little which is about a woman who is a kind of a toughest nails a bully of a CEO. And she is it gets cursing becomes fourteen again has to deal with what life throws at our them. It's it has some shoot moments to it. And it has some funny moments. The problem is the script really isn't baked well enough through. I it just kinda jumps from seem seem feels more like a sketch comedy series than actually an actual movie. And what else we got the fourth one movie called after which was not screamed, a romance of a girl goes to college and kind of be the bad boy and they have a turbulent relationship. It. It looks pretty awful to me. So I'm glad they didn't screen that one. Well, you can check them all out at your is at the movies dot com or you can follow Kevin car on Twitter at Kevin car. And kevin. We'll talk to you next week. Bring us comedy. What I can do. Call Hollywood and get a comedy comedy. Yeah. Thank you. Kevin fifteen minutes after six and let's go to the newsroom now and Chris treatment. President Trump is claiming the so-called spying that took place on his campaign was treason and no future. President should be subjected to it the president praised attorney general William bar for telling congress. He believes there was spying Barr. Says he has no proof anything illegal happened. There's a report that the White House wanted to drop off immigration detainees on the streets of San Francisco and other sanctuary cities. The Washington Post reports the Trump administration twice asked ice officials to do that. But the legal department rejected the request the newspaper claims the White House chose San Francisco because it's the home of house speaker Nancy Pelosi and the request caned during the partial government shutdown a longtime stay in space will dramatically change people's jeans. That's the result of a landmark. Twin study done by NASA. They examined to identical twins one who is in space for three hundred forty days in the other who stayed on earth. They determined space leads to weight loss and a thickening of the carotid artery on Chris Trenton, NewsRadio WFL a now. Let's check sports from the ninety five three WD and AM six twenty sportscenter. I'm Aaron Jacobson. It was a fun first day at the Nassar's yesterday where we saw Bryce indeed Shambo and Brooks cap Kapka shoot six under for the lead. Phil Mickelson Alethia today five under and Tiger Woods shooting a seventy he sits at two under four off the lead going into day to the raise looking.

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