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Thirty nine down fourteen seven opening possession thirdquarter at land both field breeze out of the gun merit to his left breeze has it fakes the gift sets withdrawals at his caught sliding catch michael thomas with it he could got dumping raw now he finally does and he gets the first down across the fifty a down to the 48 of green bay heads up later by thomas to get right back up no that he was not touched down i think he was supplies by first because i don't know if he realized that what he saw packer defender the end it what he saw that he got up said hey couple more they're pulling the diversity was the first downer no good news for the packers by the way 10 trope rice she was taken into the locker before half guard is back out there on first intent breeze wants to grow slips busy drops back now stands up in throws it away left side we told you that a rained most of the morning here in green bay a sprinkling just a little bit now look this field is a bit slick in that time has breeze dropped back nobody was around me just lost his footing went down got back up play was a bit at a sick at that point you just throw it away you have to wonder whether or not breeze would've pulled the trigger on that throw detected down the left sideline if you'd kept his footing but by that time to fasten it is too late second intent saints from the packer 48 to kamera tries to balance it out side right wrapped up take a doubt terrific defensive work by define house that time holds two way one yard gained out of the forty seven it's going to bring up a third down and nine but that's a much bigger play it house doesn't make that stop said it hoped rookie jacksonville quarters were by the way i mean they had jail and rahab beat aged way.

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