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Hey, it's the best advice show. I'm Zach, today I'm so excited to get off of zoom and into the real world. Yeah. Yeah. Surely with some shares and art studio with her son. It's right off the highway on the west side of Detroit. But once you step inside, it's peaceful and warm. Her work covers the walls and it's stacked in piles on the floor. That's a collage of recent one. Wow. It's about I did a whole series on my family. Miss Woodson has been in Detroit since 1938 when her parents moved the family from Tennessee. She was just a baby. My great aunt. Today she's one of Detroit's most celebrated and beloved artists. She makes big colorful figurative paintings. And she's kind of obsessed with horses. I do a lot of horses with writers, women, writers, writers. After I leave, she's going to get back to one of her paintings. She's going to work on the front right leg of a burnt orange horse, galloping alongside a short haired woman dressed in white. But each one is a challenge, you know, and because you want to get another. Attitude. Within the work. Her work is part of permanent collections at the Detroit institute of arts and the Charles H Wright museum of African American history. Gretzky arts recently named her their eminent artist of 2021. They wrote about her, quote, decades of success as an artist, paired with her exceptional, and tireless commitment to ensure educational and career opportunities for all artists have ensured the story of art in Detroit is far more inclusive and honest than it would have been without her efforts. It is also insured her place as a revered and renowned pillar of Detroit's creative community. Miss Woodson has offered creative advice to students for decades. And perhaps the most foundational art lesson she teaches is this. Well, there are no wrong answers in your seeking to express an idea. And there's more than one way to get your idea. Across. Three plus three is 6, four plus two is 6. And 12 -6 is 6. And since there are no wrong answers, when we're starting out drawing as kids or adult beginners, miss Woodson teaches us, we don't need erasers on our pencils, and we do not throw our work away. So occasionally, I would hear a crumple crumple crumple of paper. Can I have another sheet of paper? What happened to the last sheet of paper? I messed up. You weren't pleased with that. No. Did you turn it over on the other side? I just want another sheet of paper. Said, well, let's say we're going to use all of it. I said, and remember, you have to keep all your drawings because we want to see the improvement. Can't see the improvement if it's in the wastebasket. Before we go, I'm going to leave you with a lesson. You can try at home today. You need 5 sheets of I was going to say typing. But nobody takes anything more. 5 sheets of paper. And draw a circle, freehand, hold your pencil so that your hand is not touching the paper. So your pencil see your hand is up. And then place the pencil point on the paper and using your shoulder in the motion in the whole motion, draw the circle and it can be big to take up the whole paper and go around. As many times as it takes you to see the circle come out. And remember if your hand is making the motion. And you do that. And then you do four more. And then you can put something inside of each of those circles. And now we're racing is that right? No, oh, do not erase. Sign it and date it. And put it in a little put it in a folder. This may be your beginning. My name is Shirley. Let's syn and I'm an artist. I'm a painter. I do collage work. And mixed media. And some new things on board. Always new things, huh? Yes, always. If you're in Detroit, it's not too late to catch Shirley Woodson's solo show at the Detroit artists market. It's called why do I delight? And it's running until October 23rd. I put a link to it in our show notes. To see some of miss Woodson's paintings, you should follow us at best advice show on Instagram. I posted a bunch of them there. The kresge foundation just put out a beautiful new monograph called a palette for the people, the vibrant world of Shirley Woodson. You can download it or order it at no cost while supplies last, I put a link to that in our show notes as well. What a joy it was to spend some time with miss Shirley Woodson. I hope it was for you.

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