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One I know more than William Cohen. Of Maine has been out front in America on our demographic change. He coined the phrase Brown America years ago. William Cohen is lead America. Demographic shift and on the political realities of the moment. Don't Cohen, it's here. How do we adapt to it? What we have to adapt to the change by saying, this is who we purport to be. This country's made up of immigrants are rule has always been come to America. Legally, certainly, but come to America. Where is the land of opportunity? If you work hard, you play by the rules, you'll be able to start from the bottom and move your way up to the middle class and hopefully even up to the top class. That has been the America we've always advocated. And so now we see what's taking place is the country's becoming browner and that's going to happen inevitably. So the question is, Can we overcome our innate sense of prejudice, racism and accept people for who they are what they contribute to society. What their character is, as opposed to what the color of their skin is. S so we have to adapt to that. That's the reality here. More interviews like this one on Bloomberg television streaming live on Bloomberg dot com and on the Bloomberg mobile APP or check your local cable listings. I think you know we're in a good spot right now with monetary policy, and you know they're talking in the government about more fiscal policy. We really probably need that support to get us through. So we get the vaccines well distributed. We're in a good place right on script there from the ready, master Cleveland fed president That is the script of the Federals. Irv Right now. Policy is in a good place from New York City this morning. Good morning alongside Tom Keen and Lisa Kravitz. I'm Jonathan Farrow is the price action this Thursday morning as we count down to an important initial jobless claims to pour a little bit later this morning. Futures up just we had some white to the S and P. 500 by ran about 1/10 of 1%. We advance about four points in the bond market unchanged on a 10 year, 1.14 to 7% as Lisa points out five thirties. The widest spread between those two the steepest curve on that basis, going all the way back to 2016. That's where the effects market we have a break of 1 €21 dollar We've been looking for that. There it is. You're a dollar Tom 1 1990 coming in about 4/10 of 1% some real dynamics here, and I should notice Sterling railing off the Bank of England comments on negative rates. And so it's right now in Washington, Kevin surly our chief Washington. Correspondent Kevin What's the gap between the Liberals and the moderates of the majority Democratic Party? They don't want to compromise. You know, Yesterday, I said, I'm coming back to work today to one of my sources. And I said, What's going on with the stimulus plan? And and really the daylight amongst progressives and centrist right now is is huge. And as a result of that the Senate this week is likely going to pass with house did Thea other day with regard to the $1.9 trillion stimulus, But It's anyone's guess, really, if this is going to be able to pass, not just with the Republicans on Democrats, but because of that, the daylight that you have between the far left in the middle, I would suggest coming that so many of us are unused to where we are with Democrat Democrat Democrat structure in Washington. What is the process that they go through? Do they? Compromise is somebody put the time out Chair is Joe Manchin, the head of it all. I mean, what's the process? You expect to see? Well in terms of the $1400 stimulus checks. I think you're already seeing a little bit of the Democrat. It's leverage in terms of that they want to lower the number of American households that qualify for there to be $1400 stimulus checks. That's something that the far left is not like I spoke with one liberal, huh, Who told me essentially that there are already rumblings that they're deeply disappointed in terms of how Some of the more centrist members of President Biden's administrations have been willing Tol Cave on that on that could set up a lot of tension in the Democratic Party for the next couple of years. Can you have spade if you need to compromise, Kevin No. There's the speed here and really any working timetable. Jonathan for when this is likely going to be past, especially if they want to go through the process that they're trying to get it through is likely if not at the end of this month in early to mid March. Meanwhile, not only is there dissonance between the left far left in the Democratic Party And the more centrist members. But within the Republican Party, there's a showdown that's been going on over GOP representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on We have McCarthy coming out, saying that she's extreme trying to remove her from certain committees. We also have Mitch McConnell saying the same trying to paint her as an outlier. How much support does she have with the rank and file Republicans? None. I you know, when I talked to members about her specifically if they are willing to engage on the conversation of it, they are saying privately right now they don't like what she has done for the Republican Party at all. She's really boxed herself in in terms of where she congrats oh, in terms of her support that said many of the Republicans that I've spoken with would prefer that the process in her district that constituents Who elected her that they be the ones to decide If that's the representative, that is best for their for their district. I mean, Kevin, I know in your sabbatical, you did a staycation at the Trump Hotel. There were a few rooms available. But other than that, Kevin when you When you look at the New Washington what's it read? Matthew Makana Hayes Green lights. I finally finished the book, and here's the voice. I hear some gossip people in this town. Want to know if McConnell he's going to run for office? He's been making the rounds on. All of these shows and everyone saying is Matthew McConaughey going to run for office in Texas? What? I wonder what Ted Cruz thinks about what kind of politician is the gentleman actor? Well, I think I think you're God. You know, you know, he makes a really fascinating Ah, fascinating pitch for, uh, how to talk to the suburbs. I'll give him that this show got too serious for too long and 20 minutes in the rails, buddy Carl in the control room, forgot my name. Okay. Lisa's in a cast. Tom Brady's back in the Super Bowl. I mean, my going on here. These things go together. I want to find wood on the Super Bowl. Kevin doing a final, will you? Besides, the Eagles aren't in it. I never thought I'd say this. I'm rooting for Andy Reid again. You know, he used to be our coach itself. Cavalcade former audience which flavor and he's on his anti great You're asking me Suri Chiefs. That's my home's right. Mama's Yeah, that's that golden voice of radio. I just walked past by early this morning and just said my homes or Brady I just said my homes. Yeah. And that was it. Bottom line. The homes will be on the right side of history. Kevin. Sara Lee. Great to see you. Good to see you, Kevin. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't think we gave him a hard time it all No, We didn't come from month. The hard time you gave me Kevin goes away for a month, and we're trying to show sound on weekdays 5 P.m. Eastern, or.

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