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Ninetythree wibc rub kendall abdul in for the czechs they'll be back monday thanks for joining us and whether you're going to get into and just a little bit is they of announced summer study committees and the assignments for those very potent and we'll tell you everything you have to know about that particular one on alcohol and boos yes that's the one role looking for direct fractured late little bit later would have a whole segment on alcohol and boos nobody loves alcohol boos more than me and abdul plan have several segments on alcohol invisible we need to have a drinking contest on the air so podcastone my folks definitely podcastone what but one of the things years ago that was studied under governor mitch daniels was how to reform local government remember that was a big thing and bni for quite a while and the big lepore the granddaddy of them all was knows the in shepherd lepore former chief justice randall shepard a republican in teamed up with former governor joe kernen a democrat and they came together to find out ways to make government more efficient and get rid of the waste and abdul one of the big proposal in there was essentially get rid of township government and is correct that is definitely one of the big things that came out of carnage shepherds like hey now this is a form of government levels were this been around since the founding of indiana batam f acne was on with territory indian had even been here yet you're you have these towns from governments and our recall back in the late 2000s when i came here to indiana and writing about pouncer government like what are you do all day and you actually get a game at the time called name your township of official right and what he could do nobody nobody could you off here's the thing in the modern era i mean there are some minor services that are taken care of by the townships but for the most part when it comes to roads and bridges and of cetera there's not really off on shook township government iran they countered government our argue is one of the most useless forms of government.

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