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Uh i mean not i wasn't in leoni the massachusetts wherever it is uh new york i'm not sure anyway i was talking about how i get routed through neighborhoods i think it put this in a column i get routed two neighborhoods on some under one particular route to a place in oakland will take instead of going an extra two blocks up and taken a right on some main drag they rob me through some little neighborhood passed a bunch of homes kids playing baseball in the field in the street now you're on the inbounded enzymatic utomo gugel maps and our little maps now they all do this and then i go back to history is saves no time it may be saves a tenth of a mile and then i'm back on the same may share would have been on if i'd gone straight and so this is currently as a bigger deal than i thought it was of you listen to this is the leo nia a n t tech news group this will change life in leoni it should this new sign and we only to new jersey out it is a low tech solution to a problem others approximate sixty streets that are going to be close to a weighty control the out of control traffic for residents like melissa so smit does it take you to get at ease right away ten minutes fifteen minutes it depends on who is going to be nice and how much i'm going to push up against their car till day let me out three all nia is a onesquaremile town in the shadow of new york city's george washington bridge for years whenever traffic would back up at the bridge sabah commuters would get off the highway and take a short cut through leone yet if you knew the secret there were ways to beat the jam today right to exit seventy.

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