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Simply missiles. They're still five seconds to gotta get back. He doesn't again. Perfect tone. Kick. It will be hit. Anthony cross-border. Line. It doesn't go through. Looks like it bounced off the crossbar as well. Oh, my goodness bears season's going to end on a double doing great. Unbelievable. How many times can they hit the upright five? Last week. Kony crazy crazy. Awesome. Yeah. He's so good upright. Crossbar just depended on which side of the football hit the crossbar whether it would bounce. Oh my goodness. I'm just off of his professional is he's just awesome. Michael's spoke for every football fan during that game. Whether there's a crazy play at the end of the first half and we see with the details. But it was stupid. It was just ridiculous. The we played out. And and so they were trying to explain the rule in Al Michaels. Just like, you know, what it's easier to decipher the Dead Sea scrolls than the NFL rule books, and he just went on afterward. When they tried to explain it again, he speaks for the fans, man, he doesn't he doesn't care. What the NFL thinks billions? Awesome fantastic. I mean, it's no he didn't sing Chicago's a title town in there, nor did he say, no senor, no senor senor mixed that. Yeah. I mean. Yes, it could be improved upon slightly. And it would it would, sir. Pass his do you believe in miracles call from the nineteen hundred winter greatest call of all time. He would just sing Chicago saw. Yeah. I mean to me it's in pot. That's impossible is up there with do you believe in miracles that was a perfect call because the guy had hit the goal post six times in the last few weeks. One of the odds of that it's impossible and yet it happened. Yeah. Until we do cheated the moment for my family because I was about a play ahead on my phone sitting there in the living room watching the game. And so I saw that happen. But I made sure I called my son was like you gotta get in here and watch this last play. Do you think I ruined the moment? Or did. I make sure that he knows it was to make sure he's part of history. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three and it Pat unleashed. We're small mouth best Kurt tweets. Put Cortez and Castro together, and you still don't have a fully functioning, human brain. And that's all for sure. Orson Welles fishbowl tweets we've reached triple but stupid in ten minutes. Yeah. Not a challenge with that girl. Agonizing was it three. But stupid. I think there was multiple deserves more than that more than that Sumi. Schick? I cannot keep a straight face listening to Alexandria, Cossio Cortez or a oh, see then I think of education over the last generation, and I feel bad for her. Yes. I mean, there's something to that. There. She's a product of of the education system and even had to take a long drive to go to school. Remember that? Yes, right out of her way to get educated like that how she formed her her ideology was looking at all of the blight between the Bronx and the heights or wherever she went to school when it didn't actually happen. She lied about that too. She's from Scotty, swimming or Sweetman one of the two I'm not so sure I'm not so sure Kiefer Sutherland can be president. He wants road with Billy the kid, and that makes him a felon. That's right, right. What was that movie? Oh that was a young writer youngun probably and done Hendrix, if we declare a state of emergency to build the wall can't the next president do that over climate change. Well, no because I said so. That settles it regular and quite night didn't deal that noodle. Because that is the problem with allowing that you know, doing that kind of stuff it is the problem. But couldn't the next president do it over climate change. Anyway. Yes, we doesn't need the president precedent set by Donald Trump. I kind of want to explore the pet way to govern. If you say, so yes, that's the way..

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