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The kindle hit where Kindle hinton started and noah fant got hurt he was at eleven point five yeah and remember we all use different scorings. But it's close but to give you eleven. Pr points per game is what dave is looking for. Not that many did it. Kelsey almost doubled that he was almost twenty one points per game. Darren waller was seventeen point. Five george kittle. Fifteen point six i have mark andrews at twelve point two. I have tony at eleven point. Eight so i guess he didn't quite make that for dave and cj zombie at eleven point four and two games at ten point five games. He played sixteen games and had one hundred and sixty eight total points. Yeah there's two more tight ends at fifty when he played fifteen games according to according to f f. today if he only played fifteen games than he makes it football guys says he played sixteen as well. That's true i'm gonna keep robert. Cbs does say sixty. And that is weird. I think you should start using cbs. That's how do you do you have that wrong. What other lies have you told us over the year what it makes me second guess those stats now all as all tax all of them. You can't do that to me. Lies damn lies and as our stats log. Onto his game log. Maybe there was a game played like only ten percent of the snow. You know what it was say. He had no stats in week one. But he played sixty two percent of the snaps. You can't do that. dot com. You don't mean a podcast host. What an award winning podcast host. You're giving out false numbers. Don't blame the source of where you're getting them from. I think it would have played source. I m sorry. I feel bad. I honestly sucks. I feel bad about that but okay all right. Let's move on. Let's talk about the tears. I think we should do some news in notes. Just real quick here. Jamie sent me a link. Today from from mike florio profootballtalk. He wrote about burger and the dead giveaway. That ben roethlisberger had out of the shotgun which was most of their snaps is it does have to do with his feet. Yeah i've i've seen that for years. Well okay well all right. Well he Put his his foot. Was i on the ground for runways and an elevated for past place. Was it like back a little bit too. Like he's got a foot like step back. Yeah i'll tell you in a second. I'll ask f f today today. All say it was his hand that was up in the air. That means it's a pass. Yeah well it doesn't matter exactly the placement but it was. It was big tell They ran the shotgun. Eighty three percent of the time. And when it's iran rothlisberger stands flat-footed before the snap when it's a pass. He lifts his left heel off the ground before the snap. He does that even when he fakes. The hand off before throwing the ball. If you can fix that it might make them a little bit. More efficient offensively. It's nice for the defense to know what type of play is coming. I really couldn't believe that that that was i. Don't know if teams caught onto that though. 'cause rothlisberger still had.

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