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Us are a news. I'm Baal Agnew in Washington. Americans have lost trust in the people and institutions and forming of about covert 19, according to a new poll from The Associated Press North Center for Public Affairs Research. More details from course, one of Mike Hampton, the experts identify three factors fear politics and the public watching as science forms in real time. Former risk communications professor says the fact that trust has declined in all categories shows a society that is worried and doesn't feel safe. 30% of Americans say it is difficult finding factual information about covert 19. Discourse. One of my Kempen reporting there's no evidence now. That death is due to drug overdoses of increased during the Corona virus pandemic more on that from corresponded Shelly Adler. While the national data is incomplete, available information suggests drug overdose just in this country are on track to reach an all time high addiction. Experts blamed the pandemic, which has left people stressed and isolated, disrupted treatment and recovery programs and contributed to an increasingly dangerous The drug supply Even before the Corona virus broke out, the country was in the middle of the deadliest drug overdose epidemic in its history. That's after a record 71,000 overdose deaths last year. I'm Shelly Adler. Also a tessera news dot com NATO plans Great A new space help manage satellite communications and the alliance's military operations there. 2000 satellites in orbit around the earth. 80 countries are involved. Private companies are getting involved a CZ well. What NATO is finding. It has complained about the United States, particularly and the United Kingdom is that China on Russia have become increasingly aggressive. Technical course part of Lauren Cook on Wall Street. Right now, the Dow is up by 233 points. This is S R in news. This is time that matters.

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