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Celebrating Alabama's next college football championship. The Crimson Tide rolled over Ohio State 50 to 24. Americans listening to Fox News. Lucky three w Y PC Mobile news on the level on the go. They don't want you to frown if you come downtown cloudy and 25 degrees in downtown Indy right now feels like 16, though. With the wind chill. I'm Sean Herrick. Here's what's trending at 802. If you're planning on coming to downtown Indianapolis for any of Events that are happening this year. The police Department says she'll be okay Chris Davis reports. That's not a guarantee. But Indianapolis Metro Police deputy chief Josh Barker says they've done a lot to clean it up. Over the past few months. The overall violent crime in downtown Indianapolis represents Western 5% of the violent crime we experience is a city in the whole, he says. New Tech, including a system of cameras may help cut down on the crime even further. So the people going to Pacers games or if fans are allowed at the NC double a tournament will be able to see that India is a great host city. Chris Davis 93. W I. B C MOBILE NEWS. What about fans at that tournament? Rob connote reports. At this point. We have approval on Lee for family members of student athletes and coaches, administrators who will be participating. Damn. Gavin, NC Double A's vice president of basketball operations, told inside Indian a business that they're hopeful that general fans will be able to attend. But the final decision will be made with the Marion County Health Department, probably in early February. We're gonna take a wait and see approach in a very responsible way to make the correct decisions. Rob counted 93 WBC Mobile news. So why is Indiana attractive to businesses Fiscal discipline? Prudent reserves, low taxes and common sense of regulatory and environment and climate gives something Increasingly rare among states Governor Eric Holcomb says that kind of stability is the reason the state should keep working to attract businesses. He made those remarks as he was sworn in for a second term as governor Monday. A man killed in a boy ended up in the hospital because of a shooting that happened on the front porch of a home on North Spencer Avenue around nine o'clock Monday night. Southeast of the Emerson Avenue exit from I 70 I. MPD believes the boy is a teenager, and they say he is stable in the hospital. They're trying to find suspects to 28 a gallon is the statewide average for gas this morning, says Gasbuddy. The averages 2 27 in Indianapolis. Soon you'll be seeing cars drive themselves around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Kurt Darling reports, colleges and universities from around the world will be competing this October in the Indy Autonomous Challenge to feel the best car powered by artist. Fischel Intelligence Energy Systems Network is running the event CEO Paul Mitchell. These teams represent top engineering programs from 14, U. S States and 11 countries. On Monday. The car they will have to retro fit with their AI software was unveiled A Dolora I'll 15 It's capable of speeds of 200.

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