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The stephen a smith your reaction to the president saying the fan base is divided. He's lying no division. Here dominic foxworth highlighted this morning. Going get up. it's no division. Everybody wants amerada just to stay in brooklyn president trying to create a narrative that's gonna be somewhat favorable with attack. You got no fans on this point. It's about amerada fleets more like multiplication. Matt what gang. What's wrong in that. The score runs all the sudden guys. Like lemay who not only were hitting from batting average not long ago but started hitting for power stopped. they just can't score runs and it's been pointed out there. Very right handed dominant team. Most rate yankee steamer left hand dominant. But they cannot score runs. stephen a thank you your reaction to ocho cinco getting knocked down it happens. I mean he had his and got caught with a wild ride. Talk but i got news acting that look. He moved around pretty well. He avoided a lot of punches on He he's got some skills. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna throw shade on that. I like to wake up other than that getting caught like that. And you know why he got caught. Because yeah because you're not expecting punch from that angle. In fact it's actually to his credit. He cooked dot com with a wild crazy. Shot like that because ocho single boxing pretty. Well no we have a box setting coming up you to elaborate on the quick picks up saying we out of time a quick pace pretty quick. Quick who's gonna be boxing next. What's happening all right. Guys in back to back near the clippers have knocked out the mavs despite lucas scoring or assisting on seventy seven points in game seven they were sent packing. He's certainly not the issue Chris up zing. It's he's injury-prone steven mentioned it. So is it his supporting cast or is it coaching. Mark cuban till espn is not considering moving on from rick. Carlisle max. Break it down for me here. What's the problem in. dallas dallas. Is porzingas stay healthy and what that means is every year. If he's lucky he can get back to where he was the previous season at the end of the season. He didn't even do that this season. This isn't even do that last season. The bubble season he got he spent the year trying to get back to where he was and by the way he got there. He couldn't get past it but he's got there five points in the maybe he's going to be the deciding factor against the clippers. It didn't work out. That way got hurt as usual. And then this year he wasn't even able to get back to where he was last. Your seven foot three. You know you have to see the reason. The lakers don't draft. Biggs is because they want to see with biggs with giants whose body is going to hold up. Let's give this six. Or seven years through attrition. see who's there. We'll grab that guy on free agency or trade shack kareem. Whoever it is. Let's grab that guy when you draft a big or trade for big earlier in his career you don't know and porzingas has always had an injury history and that is the problem. He can't upbeat reliable even number two because he can't stay healthy and this is what winds up happening. I don't disagree with max but it's more complicated than that. In the interest of disclosure. I've known recall off use. I loved the guy. And i think that he's a great coach. But i think that if you're the dallas mavericks you re recall and your mark you mean you guys sit down and you gotta talk about this in dallas over the last ten years. They've been out of the first round six times and the other four. They didn't make the playoffs since they won. The title has been a decade odd. Believe there recall belong deserves to be a head coach in the nba level. No question about it. I think boston would be a great spot for him. You understand. I have to wonder about him in dallas. And here's why and by the way. I'm wondering about mark. Cuban two kids just that accused owner. You don't get rid of yourself. I'm not advocating. Anybody get rid of his. What i'm saying the city of dallas stop the presses. Because i'm about to say something. Nice okay i know they got the dallas cowboys. They're contaminating the city. I understand. I'm focused very focused. Dallas is a marvelous city. Yeah it is a marvelous city okay and has got no state income taxes and his warm weather and warm weather for the most part. Why the hell can't you recruit anybody to this franchise. no one goes to dallas. Not free agent goes to dallas recall did an outstanding job. Coaching series look what he was working with outstanding job coach in this series but repeatedly year after year after year. They don't have the personnel. I don't know if dallas has been a favorite in the last decade. I don't know if they've been a favourite dirk. Nowitzki couldn't get anybody to come play with him. Luka thus far doesn't have anybody to play with three thousand zing s doors that was a trade that they were able to pull up because porzingas one that out of my point is that what the hell is going on with the dallas mavericks where you can't get marquee ages to consider your franchise no state income taxes. Good weather great sports town and usually a cornerstone star owner. That brings attention to you. A fantastic coach. Enrico la recall. Not doing he needs to be some place where they got personnel. Because if i if cannot recall off a one thing it's an absence of the ability to recruit at data suspect. Because guess what usually the stars do it or you got an owner. Who's a star in mark cuban because see map and also luca and before that dirk. You would think that those guys would attract other superstars. It is bizarre. What that being said. Do you feel like luca's the best player in the world right now. Here's my thing. Molly prove to me that he's not i can hold up prove to me that he's not. I can't like yeah. Okay you get your chance in. The second is not your zoo. Talk things out. Lebron might be decline. We don't know he's got the ankle he's older he got knocked out in the first round. Can we definitively say at this moment. We know for sure as we normally do lebron's best player in the world. I mean he might be. I've been fooled before because he got hurt. Two years ago. At but before the bubble season i was like oh maybe it's not but we can't prove definitively that he is usually. He has the playoffs to do that. Can we say he's not. You could say well. It's business motivation. Where he's trying to defend just doing a great job of his most nights. James harden has been hurt and now he's hurt again luca on offense and his his three isn't even the isn't even where it's going to be pretty soon but he can get it whenever he wants lugano. Let me tell you what the nba is right now. They're about five or six players six or seven players and every day of the week one of them's the best player in the world. I'm saying right now. Lucas fences many days as the best player in the world as anyone else. That sounds like by default. Max that sounds like we're saying luke because all these other guys are banged up. Is that what you're saying. We partly age partly their banged up. Partly lucas on fire partly kicking. Carry a team in island of misfit toys he can luca is as likely a candidate to be the best player of the game at this moment as anyone. Max's argument is completely diluted pod. The fact that he questions and has questioned whether or not kevin durant is the best player in the world. Because max has brought up what. He's lack the defense on k d's worse day. He plays better defense loop. That is a fact move. Don't the thing we all.

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