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Two hits it in the air to write fairly deep accents back bat. Still going back on the warning track. That ball. Off the wall. And I think they're gonna call fan interference. They are. And I'll to base gonna stop it seconds Gregor at third right field umpire Joe west saying that a fan interfered with Buki Betsy leapt to catch that ball up against the fence NHA Hinch out of the dugout. You may ask for a crew chief review year to look at that. We're going to have to take a few looks at this bookie best like he was jumping on a trampoline. Got so high. And whether or not a fan Reese out over the playing field. It's hard to tell right now. Yeah. Definitely hit his glove. But his glove was in the seats. Exactly. That's it. That's exactly it. And I'm sure it hit the glove on the rebound. It hit the fans hand. I then came back and hit his glove on the rebound and mckie's glove was closed when that ball approached that is not fan interference. Not not. I didn't think it was. You know, who am I? And I thought well early in the game. You're right. You know, two run Homer. What a tie the game. And you just never know how it's going to change momentum. And we lost last night to runs. So I don't know. What do you think we're doing a separate poll on our Houston morning news blog page about about this whole thing? So check it out. Tell me tell us what you think in while. You're there too. One of our fans last night was ridiculing relief pitcher Craig Kimball because he has kind of like a chicken wing before he pitches. That's funny. Check it out KTAR dot com. Houston's morning news, traffic and weather. Get you up to date on the drive..

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