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I'm going to play reporting from last Monday evenings conversation, where my friend. Matt Pallomari was our guest. These lives. Lawns are hosted on zoom. And while a few people. Join the telephone most of us were also using video. So those of us who had join using our computers. Well, our screens were full of little windows with video feeds of everyone there, and well, it isn't quite as good as being together in person. Well, being able to see each other actually had a really nice element to it. All. Anyway, at this time, I'd like to welcome you to join me math Pallomari and few dozen of our fellow honors for an open ended conversation about well. Whatever was on our minds last Monday night. End Matteo schedule. See again brothers fan little. Yeah. We're overdoing. Hey, do I want to let you know that the your medicine people are really singing your praise? Well, let's not go there. But I did just post the podcast of that time. So. Now, people can decide themselves, you know, I just got up there and just told some stories, but I left all stories about you. And I out just to his I knew you're going back up there to a sold out crowd. I didn't want to spook anybody. Yeah. Right. Then I'll be running if they knew me, really. Well, right. Well, they might be running toward you Matteo. All hey, quit going for an hour and a half tonight. Yeah. If you can if you can y'all I will let my out my home is. No. Yeah. And the way I've been doing it is, you know, we if you if you wanna give a little intro to where you want the conversation to kinda head. That's that's a good way to start it, then hopefully, others joining persons. I probably have heard one or more your podcasts and. Great time up there this weekend in Santa Barbara this. That's a great group of people. I'm looking forward. To me connected. I'm heading up Wednesday night. Out. Really, well, so I'm looking forward to that. And you. Santa barbara. Oh, where are you? Oh, why didn't you come up and say, hi, I ended up I live in Ventura. So I ended up leaving little early. Sorry about that. Next time. Appreciate you come house or the interesting evening and look excellent. Thank you. Talk. I was very very inspiring on many dimensions. It was a lot of fun. And and I just I just podcast talk. But I did I did cut out a couple names and places that I gave g you guys. It's right. She's been sanitized a little bit. We got the we got the the real deal. So Mateos been out on the road. He's been you've been down Florida right, by the way, Matteo Pallomari. I call him Matteo house column castaway, but when I was up in Santa Barbara this weekend. I was talking about Matteo, and they didn't have talking about you, all you know, I've been in the writing community at the center that Ryan community for thirty years. You know, but these people they only know you from the psychedelic community the ones I was with this weekend. Yeah. So I'm I'm a cast of thousands. I'll take all of them. Was great. Yeah. I went. We officially started. Yeah. In kick it off here and to begin with let me just kind of introduce you to we're getting a little feedback from somebody. If you guys think you've got background noise in your room. If you'd meet your might that'd be really great feeding through and we're trying to record this. But anyhow, yeah. Matteo, and I her we go back a long way he lived with us for a while. And we we've had experiences in the jungle. And I think the thing people know about you most, of course, is you're talking about I watched the while you spent all the years studying in the jungle and inter mountains and hazard and and studying all these medicines. So there's just so many different directions. We could go. Why don't why don't we start out in? And I guess the thing that I I left out the most important thing is while he is much of an adventure. Cypriot f. His ground zero handle is he's a writer, very prolific writer at a whole bunch of books that hokey tells about.

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