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British finally giving the gays. Everything they've ever wanted and literally. It got like retweeted thousands and thousands of times and I was like I mean. Of course we're here to give you what you want. It's my honor. No skin off our about I was took cool. Okay so before you became I'm queer icon on television because you are and it's only about to like explode into the stratosphere with the next project we'll get to I. I like to go back back because I realized I sit across from people who I love and Adore and I know who you are right now but like were you a miniature version of this person as a kid kid like Oh were you. This sort of like thoughtful and comedic an spontaneous human. WHO's Jacqueline as a kid? I know you grew up in San Francisco Cisco but definitely I think all those things maybe not thoughtful the definitely comedian spontaneous. Just just like since I was little have always liked to entertain on a release small-scale with my family and like at school I was just so overly involved. I think looking back I was like. Oh my God what does that mean. Were you like the president of every club at school sword. Sort of like I was vice president of the soon buddy the rally person so I read all the rally along with this league nut I truly to go like really into it got it. I one time took a took doc. Mascot was giving us a lot of Shit specifically because we were women that were leading are cheering section. And so I took off his the reardon. Crusaders Sater's all boys school helmet like hats and punted it onto the basketball court. Hurt really bad that I caught some of the cage just limited off. Pretend nothing happened but yeah I was really excitable. I really liked being. You know getting people into stuff offended how God my cousin's wedding right before actually Gavin Newsom gave the speech after me and I I was ten years old and I was like I want to give a speech running. My cousin was like why but okay and it was like his siblings. And I and Gavin newsom and ends of very interesting Max and you have like an. I did ten minutes of an impression of Dr Phil. Giving them advice on how to be in a relationship in a marriage in a healthy marriage is there video of this. I don't know I hope so. There has to be somewhere I will try to find it. We we gotta talk to your mom. Yeah Okay I've actually never seen like a home video of myself 'cause I'm the fifth kid. Five kids under eight years old. You're like magic on just whipping out the video camera with the fun of it anymore. You're just make sure they're all alive. Yeah how is that because five kids under eight feels very overwhelming to me. What's growing up in the two bony household like as the youngest of five? And My. Gosh very fun. I loved loved it and I'm such a youngest kid. I'm sure you would agree. I'm like so yeah I'm youngest. Don't really know how to describe it. There is like a a little bit of the you have to fight for your talking place at the table on. But I think that's why I became so into performing or making people laugh. Laugh because you get your attention and I did and one day when I continue winning. I love you saying this. You can't. You're literally sitting across from me in a Soccer Jersey with your hands on your thank ready to win. Ready to rally Kelly. Okay so you grew up in San Francisco which is like obviously for the most part pretty progressive. It's environmentally conscious. It's like a cool. Oh that's pretty cool part of California What what kind of values were you raised on like? What are what are your parents like? Oh my parents are the best. They're so sweet. Name's Marian Joseph up talked about this. My God Mary and Joseph no Super Catholic super loving Irish Italian mine tire. Mom's side of the family was raised in this neighborhood. We live in so the house she grew up in is like four houses up from me and then my aunt Julia lives there now and my aunt Barbara lives across the street. When Kathy's to live up the street so we call ourselves whenever we go places together for a wedding or anything? We call ourselves the traveling neighborhood because we're all together and there's one on the youngest of twenty seven first cousins Ann Arbor else's married. Nobody else has kids. Because I'm the youngest. I'm twenty six. Whatever yeah yeah? That's so cute. That feels like a movie Julia or sort of like that nostalgic American dream ideal that I think everybody thinks they had or wanted to have ever to be in a neighborhood like that. Well I hear frightened And I'm looking at you. I see what you're imagining and it wasn't necessarily like that because I'm the youngest by so much right. So all of my other cousins sort of grew up together together and then there was the younger half that grew up together right. Because there's twenty seven because there's so many so really it was my siblings and I and a couple of my cousins. It's that were that got to play together and stuff like that. A lot of it was my brothers. Yeah I'm picturing like the pop up hockey yes in the street. Kind of totally the mini any. Stick right Yes yes yep yeah a lot of basketball a lot of I mean. We had boxing gloves. which DIKO over? Well my mom and I would go out to dinner and one of my brothers would be in charge of my brother Paul and I and would have like fights and the fight stopped when parks coming with a right hook landed one punch on him and it was the greatest moment of my entire life because he was so quick and I hit him once and I was just in awe that I had done this and then you just hit me with. I like went down pretty. It's like that moment of celebration. Makes you freeze. Forget you're in the middle of a fight. You just forgot to that. Yeah Yeah I my hi. Mom taught me to box started like really teaching me how to throw in Landa Punch when I was little. I had this horrible bully at school. This girl who was just man she was a piece of work and like we were little. So the the amount of violence coming from such a young child feels extreme. And my momma like for like first grade he. Oh Yeah oh well like first or second grade like six seven eighty. Yeah we were little and I remember my mom telling me that I would just get in the car after school crying and you know she started realizing I had bruises from being punched this girl and and every I remember the day people were playing. You know recess kind of idyllic little school children in a sandbox sort. The situation and we got into like a bit of a tug of war because she tried to take a toy that me and my other friend who I grew up with were playing with and I was like he and I are using this. And when we're done you can have it like there are rules to sharing your boundaries were so boundaries were clear and it's I had to learn because my You know I'm an only but my my godparents were essentially. My aunt and uncle have three kids so the four of us grew up together so I sort of had the best of both worlds like I go home when things got really out of hand someone punched me in the face but I also grew up in this like really loud gregarious household. Long say longer he and I were playing because we went to school together for a couple of years and this girl was so mad that we wouldn't give up our toy. She went into the classroom. Sharpen a pencil outside. Shoved it up my nose and I like actually had to go the hospital. She like Shh like pregnant shit. She's shift me in the face. We were little kids. I was covered in blood. I had to go to hospital and the that night. My mom was like that's it. You're learning how to box and the next day when she came for me. I punched her in the face. So Yeah I learned similarly lead to box at a young age and it was really a self defense mechanism but I've kind of kept up with it a little bit just look. I don't hit people but I do it for exercise. Only if you to my mom and my sister handled bullies very differently for me because I think my immediate impulse would be just like knock somebody out and I don't think they wanted that and this call was teasing me. It's really who ended up being one of my really good friends and my mom's like okay. Next thing she says next next she said something to juice. Go into your fat bastard and Russian and I was like okay. So she'd be near my baby back by the black and she just looked at me like I was insane and walked away. It worked great so your mom gave you some serious comedic skills. Yeah I think she saw that. I had the community. You can use this. Yeah that's genius yeah. I didn't get that I got shift in the face. They got taught to throw a punch. And you want to know and you'll let her know the craziest. I'm literally in tears thinking about how funny this is. The craziest thing is that years later. We wound up working on a show together. Not For long it was like I'm not going to say what jobber where but like it was an episode of something essentially essentially. When she walked in the room I was like wow? This is really a moment for me like you hospitalized me. When I was a small child was up but you can be cool with much later to your point? You're billy became your friends. She and I did some scenes. That were awesome on this random job together and then we've never seen each other since crazy. Yeah I. It's it's weird. How people can come back together because kids really don't know how mean they can can be it can be so what they're saying or you know and so you kind of just got to forget? I just really don't want my kid to be the boy and I'm sure sure I've been the blinds them circumstances and I'm not even aware of it carry. It would be my nightmare to like eventually have a kid in here that they're the one being made to other what they're doyle from the Madison. Nothing not let's just not. Yeah so what is school for you. Ah What's it like going school. What's yeah what's it like going to Catholic school? I mean I loved it like a lot not really. Yeah 'cause I never knew anything else and I just and it was a pretty like looking back on it. I'm like Oh my God. I can't believe live during lent. We would go to go to church every single day of the week before school. We have to get there early. He's for forty days. Yeah and I totally. I forgot but I really liked. I crave structure. That's why sometimes it's an actor. It doesn't totally work for me in some ways. Because they need. I like to keep myself busy to myself. Then and also when I think of Catholic school especially high school I wanted to sending nations in San Francisco. It just taught us that helping people was the Numero Uno and during high school. When you sort of start to like develop l. up yourself in a totally different way catholicism wasn't as he didn't get beat over the head with it? You know there were people that weren't Catholic. That went to my high school goal. And you can choose to go to Friday morning mass or not and our religion classes one more like ethics classes. That's really interesting. I've never heard somebody talk about a a religious school experience with that much kind of freedom to explore. Yeah Yeah I mean. I'm sure if I went back now I would not feel that way but at the time I loved it I was the school pride person right and what it what do you think how does that education around service. How does that shape shape your life as as a kid I actually had? I played sports. I got up from basketball team. And that's why I mean my more Cairns at Mike Mall Cairns you can answer that question please. Thank you coach going. Okay coach Mike no I it. The best thing to ever happen to me because I wouldn't be an actor if I didn't get cut from the best team. It's just all my siblings. Were the most athletic. And I was not Maybe they needed to put you on like a wrestling team. Maybe maybe boxing team sure now. So basically the nitrite acting getting and I think going into college I I was having trouble being like. Oh can I be an actor and still serve people like this feels like the most a selfish thing to do is I sort of choosing between like the path of social work or something like that and acting reading going into college. How long have you been doing theater in highschool at this point I mean cut from the basketball team and then what and then I did a play at?.

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