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On the wsb marketwatch brought to you by chris byrne's more than money show the dow opens up forty four points today to twenty five thousand seven hundred fifty three right now it's 50 degrees at nine thirty seven with news on the hour they happen when it breaks i'm veronica waters on news 955 and am 750 wsb depend on it what i'm saying is if you're in the nra that's great all the respect in the world but don't don't fall for this guy k goal and his dog and police show he's pandering to you this guy is not the mattel you what i'm not a you myself in this guy is not who he presents himself to be you just look into it yourself where do you tell can avail oh you're a during insider not in politics are 28 years that's baloney ameh populace man of the people out on i try to shut down the beer job faster leaders gave me all that money exactly you know i got four and a half million dollars take a look at all the lobbyist ula all the lobbyist on in the capitol building he's he's no why is going to get the nomination kazys the favorite he's the lobbyists favorite now let me ask you all georgians nra members and not nra members why do you think this guy is uh the lobbyist favorite doubt the gold dome because he's an outsider because he cares about you or because the company the yacht of the you got something to the senate through a while ago gave gained sixty six hundred dollars suddenly in the middle of the night no well they got a little piece of legislation it helped that spur the papal not dale.

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