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Rupaul for now how do you care god i didn't i don't even so uh uh you know good but we do for uh this is the thing we do that then we do with uh let's locker it we only care uh really care or were of a world cup and it's like we're in and we go on could not caring about it they were i know everybody kurt ruppert that major league soccer gorka or what like no languish or not that i cannot accept what a picture of american or trail only care about soccer win win win the us were woke up in an we don't care about it even still that we don't care about we don't care about it before we didn't we didn't even know i don't even know one one one nickel ross crowd works over at channel 13 at risk of horrific brock okay you recouped soccer fold and hope it will be noted airport a little game are right yeah that's because he's a poser bugs were oh so who had paul kruger american society or oh you a soccer not good no word out oh the fact replayed on a new or you don't know what channel beyond sports is on low were gone don't there had on either right soccer guy don't try incredible blocker up right now with europe walker debt up okay so so grand let me ask you this because i i agree they number one they did a poor job as far as getting the word out because it is on be and sports instead of fox sports one or or what whatever aunt but you said it is like we only care or the us only cares when it's in the olympics are in the world cup they didn't play in the olympics they're not getting into this world cup as as an american just a sports fan of team usa whitney say this is a.

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