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You are living your life independent of the lord we live in a time when a person is considered sophisticated if he or she ignores the savior and left sit this manger croston empty grave we're surrounded by supposedly wise men who courier just to disregard seeing guilt in their consequences those are the latest opinions but truth in the most recent public opinion polls are not the same if the world tells you that you are okay just the way you are down deep inside here's the nagging voice which says it is and so if you spend your dis trying to convince yourself that heaven will be yours without the senior in because you were good enough you are wrong terribly tragically terminally wrong it is by god's grace not ourselves that we are saved and that might friends is the truth jesus was crystal clear when he shared that he is the way and no men comes to the father but by him the public opinion polls may encourage you to refused to believe that truth but jesus remains the only way the only possibility for salvation god is made jesus blood that we should on the cross of calvary is the only means whereby you can be for you would have seen any ease the righteousness of christ that must be applied to you if you desire to be in heaven fraternity my friends before i finish i'd like to read a list of names some of them will be familiar to you most or not here's the list aaron burr charles pink name dewitt clinton rufus king henry clay william crawford lewis case linfield scott john freeman john belgian breckenridge stephen douglas church mcclellan ratio seymour horace greely samuel tilden winfield scott hancock james blaine james weaver william jennings bryan in no my question is whether those named him in common with a number of things all of these men were presidential candidates in the.

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