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Welcome to episode one hundred and twenty four. My name is scott widened. Keep the wit's end today. I'm talking about the things you buy for your photography photography business. This is more important these days. This is more important these days when we are in a pandemic so you need to pivot and you need to shift. You need to pivot what you're using. What you own and why you need to change your mindset because in the past when you might have been thinking i need to own that land. Do you really need to own that land in the past when you thought. I've got yusup roof. Are i have to use smug mug. Do you really need to use those. Do you really or can you save money by doing something else. So i want to remind you that you have options. If you're starting out in photography or videography or need a new product or service or simply need a change listen up. You have options. You have choices. You don't need the expense. The full frame camera you can choose to go with the crop sensor microphone third sensor you'd need that fast aperture that one point four at one point eight you can go with an forelands. You'll be okay. You don't need a high capacity top tier memory card start small. Go with what you can afford. You don't need a pro photo light. It go docs in your budget. Reflectors can work wonders to gels or way less expensive than our gb lights. In fact white background paper with jeld light can be cheaper than a color. Backdrop paper backgrounds could be taped to walls and floors. If you don't have a background stand you is b is great but usb three hubs are more affordable and. If you don't have usb seaport pick up a usb c do you as a converter for video on computers you can choose between your cameras. Webcam utility and hdmi capture card. A lot of tek webcam or a cheap webcam and even the built in webcam to your computer options.

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