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7 versus Golden State. Houston's threes though were very like looking back at that. They were contested threes. It wasn't like, oh, we're just going to, so that's something to always think about is, 'cause I always thought that too, I think when we played the clippers, we were kind of thinking, well, if they beat us from three, we're not really going to win. Yeah. And so we just kind of packed it and let them try to guard the corners and let them shoot above the breakthroughs and they shot very well in that game. But we'll see how it plays out. I think Milwaukee just ran out of gas to be perfectly honest. The way these series go, both of these Conference Finals that there's a two days off, I believe, in between games two and three in the east. But every other, but every other game for both series is a day of rest than a game the next day, including the travel days on games four, 5, 6 and 7 or 5, 6 and 7. And I just think that's really unfortunate the league does that because these are your teams preparing for the finals and really are going to play with just one day off and travel every day in between games. I think they should take a break between round two and round three. Round two ends on the Sunday. And I wouldn't even start the next one until the Thursday Friday. Or Wednesday. Wednesday, Thursday at worst. You could do that. The level of play would be a lot better. I think it's very important also to have a day of rest between certainly game 6 and game 7 if there's a game set and not just one day and then you're traveling but travel day and then another day because you've noticed a lot of these game 7s have been really grimy and we'll look at that Sunday get the Celtics and bugs play it on Friday night and then it was three 30 Sunday. The game 7. It was like 37 hours later or whatever and you're not getting any time to prepare to make adjustments like these guys are doing their game planning on the plane. It's really interesting to think about. But yeah, I would say that would be something I'd recommend. Well, it's like people that assumed they can't afford great insurance. They discover State Farm has surprisingly great rates. Like a good neighbor State Farm is there, get a quote today. All right, you're Miami, you're going back to Boston. You're playing Saturday night and Monday night, which is just a bizarre combo. In the old days, it used to be the Friday and then the Sunday afternoon. The crowd's going to be rocking on game three. There's going to be, I'm sure the extender will be showing up for game four of the Celtics ticket to one lead. We haven't seen the extender. The extenders in a cave somewhere doing pull ups and push ups, get ready. Scott foster. So I assume there would be one game where Jimmy's gonna get calls. I think Jimmy's hard to officiate too because he is a little like a minus where it's always him bouncing off dudes and bumping off dudes and you just kind of have to decide how much how much is going to happen. Do you see Miami just going for more offense? In those next two games, just trying to outscore them. What do they do? I don't know. It'll be interesting. I don't know, really know what moves they have to be honest. I mean, possibly.

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