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I don't know. It's hard to. I don't like that. Those those big Foot's don't have noses when you're an artist Christy ever draw Bigfoot without a nose. I don't draw a lot of big found think about bid. I don't believe in bid foot real you sometimes I do basically attacking Matt right now tacking. I know Terry Bradshaw. Yeah. It's like his knuckles are each from like one of his noses poke in the ribs that's creek building nationals. That story reminds me. And then this circles, it reminds me of Tom Arnold is beating up his brother, yes or no reason. And then did you happen to see Tom Arnold tweet last night? Now he was attacked at an EMMY party by Mark Burnett, physically, it's actually attacked and they were waiting for the police and then Roma Downey posted a picture of her hand with the bruise which is obviously days old saying, I got this bruise defending Mark, Tom Arnold went crazy. It's a whole thing hol. Episode comes out at all be right, wow. For for Cohen. House wold defended Tom Arnold on Twitter, said he was there. Alyson Hannigan is a witness, holy shit. Yeah, they and it's going to be the best true Hollywood story ever. So at context, Burnett produces the and tapes, right? An Arnold knows what's on Sunday. Keeps saying he's been hassling him for ever said that ruin pharaoh Ronan Farrow tapes now. Oh, is that right? That's true. That's the tweet I saw. Well, if if he's got him, they're gonna come out or their or their absolute hundred percent not. And these are tapes after tapes, after tapes of p scuff, what kind we We don't don't know know. out takes of the of the apprentice where he's uses the n. word. What do you say? The definitely fair has a lot of integrity that's coming runnin fair looks at these tapes and goes, there's there's nothing here, Tom morally wrong then. But then he should say that, yeah, but then we won't. We won't ever see them. He'll just say, I've seen them. There's no point. There could be. There could be hundreds of tapes the he could have something and not something else that worse. Everybody knew there was this tape going around. There's some some Casey Kasem in there. Was that version? Yeah, there was the Donald Trump version of the Casey Kasem. Dave going around of him, saying homophobic, racial sexist stuff, and none of it will affect his following. They're not gonna care. We'll all be outraged like we should be, but they're going to be like, yeah, yes, our guys. True. Yeah. I mean, we got guys now saying they wanna shoot gay people on the street and the running for governor. Well, it's. Bizarre. What we're diving into. That one a little bit, right. Oh, God, let's come through that competition more dick for him. Right? You smoke bone right there. Did we say that on the air when we were at trinity. Half of what you guys were shimmy just got got on this track about just continual using the term smoke bone to Garrett news. Guy smoked bone. I don't know. I know you you, you know, because you love to smoke the bone. And everyone thinks if someone just doing very, very well on a saxophone. So that it's smoking trombone? I'm sorry. Why did I say? 'cause I always with. Any horn could be some type of boats. Trombone guy used to play the. I meant to say trombone. He knows it. The one that was smoke to all that friction or saxophone wouldn't smoke. It just spit drips out of it. Disgusting. All those instruments. Disgusting. Who's your favorite sexual players bit? Oh. That guy, he's a real guy..

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