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To you and on behalf arbor by has tally some clouds roberta justina fifty six enjoying degrees a nice long in weekend pontiac with right the day now off with dean devore the has your forecast intermittent for cloudy the fireworks conditions fifty coming six up this degrees first full week of w summer starts w off j pleasant news time but it will six heat oh four up in fact by dead the end of the week teenager we should be at pulled or near from ninety the wreckage degrees and now the the complete search is with on five day on for the the way cause of plane crash checking our last conditions night in right detroit now and no at injuries metro airport reported it is off people on the ground clear fifty there were seven no damage degrees to any buildings downtown just power detroit line was coming knocked down up at fifty and nine and plane did arbor has strike some a clouds tree fifty flipped six over degrees and caught fire in ww pontiac as right charlie now lighten with is the live and local intermittent from the scene cloudy with the conditions latest this morning fifty charlie six degrees w w time i'm j still news i'm time on the six scene in the oh plane four is still two here dead is quite a disturbing teenager seeing that pulled plane is from quite the mangled wreckage i'm on and milton now the search that's is near on van dyke at lynch for the cause section of near plane the forest crash lawn last cemetery night in detroit in the no west injuries of the city reported airport about people which on the was ground the likely destination there are no for this damaged cessna buildings plane just power line it is was knocked here it down is upside down and it's next to a home in strike this residential a tree area flipped three people and were in caught the fire plane wwe we believe to as charlie dead langton we is won live survive and local a seventeen from the year scene old with or the at least latest is in this critical morning condition charlie now at detroit receiving hospital time we i'm believe still that all i'm on the three scene in the are plane from is still the here texas is quite area a disturbing houston seeing in that plane particular is quite mangled i'm on milton there was that's near a van dyke and lynch we now texan understand near the that forest the faa lawn cemetery as well as the ntsb in the west will be investigating of the city airport the cause which of was this the crash likely destination a pilot for apparently this cessna reported plane that it he is was here having it is upside some landing down gear it's next issues to a home and was in low this residential on fuel area three before people he were reported in the plane that we believe to to the control dead tower we at city won airport survive but then he a lost seventeen control year old and or at this least plane is in critical crashed condition here now again at detroit more information receiving will hospital becoming when we the f believe that a all three are will from be on the the texas scene later area today houston reporting in particular live here on detroit's east side there was charlie a langton wj we now understand newsradio that the nine faa fifty as well w as the ntsb w j news time will is now be investigating six oh five the cause thousands of of this people crash having to a detroit pilot for apparently the big fireworks reported show that he ww was having j's some landing zara gear huber issues begins and was our low team on coverage fuel with a look at before some of the popular he reported viewing that spot to you the can get a control great tower view of at the city ford airport fireworks but then on he belle lost isle control it's open to and pedestrians this plane and crashed bicyclists here again but cars more information and trucks will be cannot coming when the get f onto a the island until will two be pm on the.

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