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We are eight four four five hundred forty two forty two that is the toll free number of the howie carr show as we gird ourselves for the next snowmageddon as it rolls end to new england beth biff will be with us later i think i think frankie has fled frankie macdonald has fled nova scotia he's a he's writing a polar bear out the sea to escape the the arctic blast that is about to why to land another wallop on the coast eight four four five hundred forty two forty two was thinking a couple of quick calls here before we move onto our next topic people wanna talk still wanna talk about the national issues i want to talk about the state police when we after we take a couple more calls here as you know what the state police are now trying to get out in front of their scandals rather than let the let them just the come out in the in the newspapers are on third boy sports they're they're trying to they had a press conference today they even they facebook that there was a nice but as steve said the the the audio was ridiculous it was bad i who am i to say the audio was bad those grudge relations on your new book holly.

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