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Let's go down to the locker room talk to our good friend. Eric Earl Anson get his thoughts on the game tonight. He was hard fought had a little bit of everything tonight. But I think overall you take the depth scoring some timely saves by Vassil Levski, and you feel pretty good. If you're Tampa Bay tonight. Look you get a goal from Tyler Johnson who hadn't scored since December twenty ninth. Anthony's rally who hadn't scored in about twenty games. JT Miller who's offense has kind of been hot and cold. This year finds the back of it ends up being the game winning goal. That's the formula this team needs because it's on a night where your top guys weren't at the top of their game. So you need that secondary scoring. It's what has built the team to this record. They have on the season. So sort of a familiar, look, maybe not. Great look in terms of the coaching staff because you do give up four goals, but you got the depth scoring on a night where your top guys didn't produce. And the times they did struggle. It seemed like when Pittsburgh was in on the four check at least tonight's the defenseman had some issues bobbling the puck just a bit. Yeah. That's that's something that they kind of have to turn find a way to correct. You know, we saw it on the fourth goal. There were Dan Girardi kinda wasn't able to quite get a handle on the puck behind the net. And Sidney Crosby forces the turnover I ends up in you know, right on the on the stick. They're on the slot. So those are the those are just areas that you just kinda need to pay attention to. That's why you know, you bear down while your focus has to be the right way. And just make sure you manage the park. I I know I sound like a broken record. But just don't fuel the other teams for check before we let you go. What are you looking for tomorrow night? It's always a tough one on a short turnaround against the Panthers who are out of the playoff picture. We know right now. But you know, whatever those teams play, it's always intense. It is I I guess the good news is you're actually going to beat the Panthers to sunrise because they were in Washington tonight, and they had an overtime game there. You know, a wild game at a four two leading a third period. End up having to win the game in overtime. So always tough battles down there, for whatever reason it doesn't matter where either of these teams are in the standings are they're difficult games to play. And it's just a situation where you just want to see the lightning county use their death and everything else that they have to their advantage. And and find a way to take take out an opponent. That's well below them in the standings. Thanks. He will listen to you Monday on lightning lunch.

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